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AA Van Gogh Starts Tomorrow – Last Day of Sale

My new online workshop Artful Adventures with Vincent Van Gogh begins TOMORROW, June 1 with the first technique lesson. (It’s also the LAST DAY of the $39 Early Bird Sale price).

Are you looking for a little Artful Adventure and some inspiring project ideas for your art journaling and beyond? AA Van Gogh explores how we can draw inspiration and technique ideas from the master himself, Vincent van Gogh. We will touch on color, texture, mark making, and more, all based on the art of van Gogh, but in a way that YOU can adapt to YOUR style of making art.

Learn more and Sign Up HERE

Get a sneak peek at what the workshop covers:

And don’t forget – tomorrow is also the LAST DAY of our Artful Adventure Workshop Sale! All Artful Adventures are just $39 here in the online shop. Sale ends June 1, 2022 at 11:59pm EDT.

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NEW Online Workshop: Artful Adventures with Vincent Van Gogh

Today my newest online workshop Artful Adventures with Vincent Van Gogh goes on sale on my website!

Get ready to go on an Artful Adventure with us. Color, line, texture, and MORE! From the get go, we’ll learn about van Gogh’s artwork and his brief but dramatic life, and then we’ll dive right in to 4 technique lessons with creative ways to translate his signature style into your own unique art journaling and artwork.

Sign up NOW to enjoy great pricing: Early Bird is just $39 – now through Wednesday, June 1st when the technique lessons begin.

Check out the promo video to get a sneak peek at some of the projects and techniques:

In addition to exploring Vincent van Gogh’s expressive style, we’ll also learn about creating texture, working with inspiration from your own surroundings, playing with color theory to help you achieve new dimension and drama in your artmaking, and much much more. Let the Artful Adventures begin!

Learn more about the workshop HERE.

But wait, there’s more ;)

Looking for more Artful Adventures? We’re having a sale right now on all of them – just $39 each! Check them out here. Bundle together a few and enjoy discovering how Gustav Klimt, Joan Miró, Paul Klee, or Andy Warhol can provide you with new artistic inspiration and techniques to get you thinking and creating with new passion in your art journal and beyond.

Check out all the Artful Adventures in my Online Shop. And enjoy them for just $39 each (instead of the regular $49) – now through June 1st, 2022 at 11:59pm EDT.

See you soon in the online classrooms!

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  • Kathleen


    Is the workshop available to view for a limited time, or extended time?


    • nathalie-kalbach


      It will be available for view for as long as Nathalie’s Studio exists and you can download all videos too.


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Currently Digging – Creative Squad Edition with Tania Ahmed

It’s time for a special edition of Currently Digging – with my Creative Squad! Once in a while I like to share with you some nifty finds – like an Artist whose work caught my eye…, some Inspiration that got my creative juices flowing, and Tools & Techniques I am currently digging. Today I asked Tania Ahmed from my Creative Squad what SHE is Currently Digging :) Hope you enjoy this.

Vincent Van Gogh – I am practising drawing and sketching more these days, I have had a mental block for a very long time where a voice in my head said “I can’t draw” … now I am telling that voice, “But I can try!” :) So I have been making sketches, taking classes and filling many many notebooks with paintings and scribbles. At the moment I am practising abstract flowers and I particularly fascinated especially by Van Gogh’s sunflowers. I love sunflowers as they are unabashedly flamboyant and I can’t help but be cheered up by them. I now grow them every year in my garden because they are so easy to take care of!  

Netflix Documentary: The 100 Years Show
“You cannot talk about art. You have to art about art.”
On the other side of the spectrum I have been fascinated by the works of Carmen Herrera who is described to be a “minimalist visual artist.” A trained architect, her work is a vision of bright colours and bold geometric shapes who was finally recognised by the art world at the age of 89. As much as I love the chaos of sketching and drawing, there is a part of me that is drawn to stark geometry and order in art. The documentary is very short, only 30 minutes and well worth a watch. 

Artist Carmen Herrera in front of some of her paintings. Credit: Matthew Carasella

(image credit:

Stabilo Woody Pencils – In my quest to sketch and draw more, I am exploring new mediums too! I have been eyeing the Woody Pencils over the years and always wondered if I really needed them considering I have a myriad of other amazing supplies at my disposal. Recently to treat myself, I got them and have not stopped using them! I now keep a few supplies as we travel a lot during weekends in my “entertainment bag” as my husband calls it, haha! These will definitely go traveling with me as they are watersoluble and the surprisingly quite pigmented. Perfect for quick sketches and art journal pages. 

Thank you Tania! Stay tuned for the next Currently Digging Creative Squad edition for more from our other members :)

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Artist Quote of the Week – Vincent van Gogh


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  • Sue Clarke


    Thanks for this quote Nat on a Monday morning where it would be so easy to climb back into bed for the day. I walked the dog and now I wake up and read your post…life is good.


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