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NEW Online Workshop: Artful Adventures with Vincent Van Gogh

Today my newest online workshop Artful Adventures with Vincent Van Gogh goes on sale on my website!

Get ready to go on an Artful Adventure with us. Color, line, texture, and MORE! From the get go, we’ll learn about van Gogh’s artwork and his brief but dramatic life, and then we’ll dive right in to 4 technique lessons with creative ways to translate his signature style into your own unique art journaling and artwork.

Sign up NOW to enjoy great pricing: Early Bird is just $39 – now through Wednesday, June 1st when the technique lessons begin.

Check out the promo video to get a sneak peek at some of the projects and techniques:

In addition to exploring Vincent van Gogh’s expressive style, we’ll also learn about creating texture, working with inspiration from your own surroundings, playing with color theory to help you achieve new dimension and drama in your artmaking, and much much more. Let the Artful Adventures begin!

Learn more about the workshop HERE.

But wait, there’s more ;)

Looking for more Artful Adventures? We’re having a sale right now on all of them – just $39 each! Check them out here. Bundle together a few and enjoy discovering how Gustav Klimt, Joan Miró, Paul Klee, or Andy Warhol can provide you with new artistic inspiration and techniques to get you thinking and creating with new passion in your art journal and beyond.

Check out all the Artful Adventures in my Online Shop. And enjoy them for just $39 each (instead of the regular $49) – now through June 1st, 2022 at 11:59pm EDT.

See you soon in the online classrooms!

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  • Kathleen


    Is the workshop available to view for a limited time, or extended time?


    • nathalie-kalbach


      It will be available for view for as long as Nathalie’s Studio exists and you can download all videos too.


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LAST DAY for Online Workshop Sale!

My 20% off Online Workshop Sale (excluding CJS22) ends TODAY, December 5th at 11:59pm ET. 

If you are thirsty for learning and inspiration, an online workshop is a great place to find both!

Hurry in and take advantage of the Workshop Sale: Just use the code WORKSHOP2021 when you check out and save 20% off online workshops.

Take a look at the variety of workshops I offer here on my website: My Artful Adventure series looks at taking inspiration from master artists. My Beyond the Paper Workshop with Birgit Koopsen and Marsha Valk looks at using different surfaces and substrates in your mixed media artmaking. And my Best of CJS series offers small collections of videos from past years of CJS. Check them all out, and many more, HERE on my website.

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Online Workshop Sale – Happy Holidays!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so I’m running a Workshop Sale from December 1st through 5th at 11:59pm ET you can save 20% off my online workshops. This sale excludes Creative JumpStart 2022 but wait, that is still on sale so you don’t have to miss out on that either ;)

How can you take advantage of the Workshop Sale? Just use the code WORKSHOP2021 when you check out and save 20% off online workshops. Take a look at the variety of workshops I offer here on my website.

There are many to choose from like…

Artful Adventures with Gustav Klimt will help you achieve Klimt-style glamour and beauty in your art journal and beyond. Learn the art of creating patterns and metallic elements, and discover ways to pull everything together in a successful artwork. Check out the workshop HERE.

Beyond the Paper is a workshop that I co-teach with Birgit Koopsen and Marsha Valk that will take your mixed media creations to new and unexpected surfaces! You’ll enjoy a mix of our unique teaching and artistic styles and will come away with skills and ideas to help you push your craft and understanding of materials too. Sign up HERE.

Artful Adventures with Andy Warhol will introduce you to the artistic tricks of Pop Artist Warhol. Visual repetition, finding beauty in the everyday, and working with pops of color are all covered in this adventure. Find the workshop HERE.

The Best of CJS workshops offer small 10-12 lesson snippets of Creative JumpStarts from the past. We were able to bring some of our favorite videos back from the archives for these little bundles. They are download only workshops but a great taste of previous CJS’s that you may have missed in years past. You can find those HERE.

Time Traveler, another that I co-teach with Birgit Koopsen and Marsha Valk will show you how to draw inspiration from different style eras in history. Learn how to translate the design motifs into your own artwork with a focus on Gelli printing and mini book making. Sign up HERE.

Trace, Transfer, Transform explores several different methods of bringing visual material into your artwork. Work with photos, print outs, and other sources to transform your art journal and artwork into something with strong focal elements and intriguing backgrounds. Learn more HERE.

There are so many options for learning and inspiration so I hope you join us in the classrooms :)

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Creative JumpStart 2022 – Get Ready to Jump!

Creative JumpStart 2022 is here! Check it out now and then get ready: it officially goes on sale Monday, November 29th so mark your calendars for the ultimate online mixed media workshop!

We’re back with another fantastic lineup of your favorite artists (and some new faces too), lessons, and an online classroom to help you kick off 2022 feeling inspired, motivated, and connected!

In fact, our theme this year is Creating Connections and our artists are exploring how we connect with artmaking, our materials, our surroundings, and the people in our lives through some unique video lessons. Mixed Media topics from art journaling to collage, from mini book making to stitchery, from watercolor to gelli printing, and MORE are covered.

Check out our CJS22 Trailer video:

What does Creative JumpStart 2022 include? With our Creating Connections theme, we’re all about helping you CONNECT with your artmaking, your skills, and your peers this year. We’ve got 38 leading mixed media artist teachers sharing 38 downloadable video lessons and supply lists to help inspire you in 2022. We’ve got a NEW forum to help you share your experiences and artwork with other students and to seek advice and feedback from our artist teachers. We’ve got daily emails to keep you on track and to help you make the most out of the daily lessons. We’ve got LIVE webinars featuring our artist teachers and special guests, covering topics that are near and dear to the heart of any creative. And let’s not forget about those sponsor giveaways to spice things up along the way!

Who are the Artist Teachers this year? We have an amazing list of perennial favorites that I know you will recognize but we also have some new faces that are excited to bring their fresh perspective to the workshop this year.

Why is Creative JumpStart for me? Creative JumpStart is a unique online workshop with short format lessons – each video is about 10-12 min in length and designed to fit into busy modern schedules. Creative JumpStart features a variety of mixed media techniques and styles to help strengthen your existing skills and to inspire you to add some new ones too. Creative JumpStart is not just a place for learning, it is also a catalyst for creating connections within the mixed media community and the creative world beyond.

Ready to JumpStart YOUR Creativity in 2022? Learn more HERE

Comments (2)

  • Deb Newman


    Can hardly wait for next Monday to sign up. Sooooo excited. Loved the reveal zoom. Great idea.


    • nathalie-kalbach


      yeahh I am so glad you liked the reveal zoom! Thanks for coming Deb!


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Creative JumpStart 2021 Sale Ends TODAY!

Last Chance Sale ends TODAY – Monday, September 13th at 11:59pm ET (nyc time). This is your Last Chance to join Creative JumpStart 2021 – the Storyteller 10th Anniversary Edition!!! Join the workshop HERE.

This workshop launched in January of this year but you can still enjoy 45 downloadable mixed media lessons from 45 leading artists, 4 recorded webinars, artist interviews, downloadable supply lists, student galleries, and even a bonus lesson for just $59!!! Don’t miss out – learn what it’s all about.

And don’t forget the Exclusive CJS21 Love Story Foam Stamp – available while supplies last:

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Last Chance Sale – Creative JumpStart 2021

Did you join our Creative JumpStart workshop in January 2021? If not, now is your Last Chance to join this 10th Anniversary Edition!!! Sign up today for just $59. Sale runs through September 13th at 11:59pm ET (NYC time) so hurry hurry!

Are you getting back into the groove of life now that summer is ending? Are you looking for some artistic inspiration and learning? Creative JumpStart is designed to JumpStart YOUR Creativity even if you have a busy schedule – videos are about 10 minutes in length and cover a broad range of mixed media techniques and project ideas. You can download the lessons and jump into one any time – play along, pause, take your time, and take what you’ve learned to your own projects as well. See what it’s all about HERE.

For our special 10th anniversary this year, we celebrated with our BIGGEST Creative JumpStart EVER – 45 different mixed media artists each shared a unique lesson with the theme Storyteller. Join CJS21 while it is still available: The workshop includes 45 downloadable video lessons, 4 recorded webinars featuring CJS21 artists and Life Coach Karen Auld, downloadable supply lists, student galleries, artist interviews, and a bonus lesson too. Join TODAY.

Although CJS21 originally launched in January 2021 and you won’t be able to play along daily, this workshop is still an excellent resource for Inspiration, Artistic Exercise, Mixed Media Techniques, and Creative Enjoyment. And it’s all brought to you by 45 of the leading Mixed Media Artists out there. I bet you recognize some of these faces:

Sign up today for just $59 and be prepared to Jump into a workshop like no other.

Remember, this is a Last Chance Sale as the CJS21 classroom will close on November 15, 2021 – you can download all the videos and supply lists that you want to by this date and save them forever …and we highly recommend doing so! These lessons can be revisited again and again whenever you need a boost for your creative mojo.

Creative JumpStart 2021 Last Chance Sale

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Beyond the Paper has begun! Sale ends TODAY!

We’re thinking about surfaces and substrates in a new way in our Beyond the Paper workshop. Birgit Koopsen and Marsha Valk and I are at it again, teaching together and bringing you 3 different perspectives and styles. And guess what? Class is now in session!

I hope you are joining us in the classroom and if you haven’t signed up just yet, there is still time to get in with the Early Bird price (sale ends today, April 5 at 11:59pm EDT) – Sign up here:

You can learn more about how the workshop works and what supplies we will be working with in the Beyond the Paper Live webinar that we recorded last week and posted HERE on the workshop page. Check it out and hope to see you soon in the classroom!

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Beyond the Paper Live – Webinar April 1

Join us for a pre-workshop chat! We’re having a Beyond the Paper Live webinar on April 1st at 12noon EDT (NYC time). Register here to attend!

Birgit Koopsen, Marsha Valk, and I have released a new online workshop that begins April 4 and it’s all about exploring mixed media surfaces. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with art making, so we wanted to push you (and ourselves too) to think Beyond the Paper and create on other substrates. For more information and how to sign up for the Beyond the Paper online workshop, go here.

Before the workshop kicks off, the Beyond the Paper Live webinar will let us chat a bit more about why we designed this workshop, what techniques and supplies we’re using, and then it will also give us a chance to take some audience questions too.

This webinar is open to all, register HERE today!

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New Online Workshop AND New ArtFoamies!

Super happy to announce this very special workshop that I am releasing today – Beyond the Paper. I’m teaching along with my amazing friends Birgit Koopsen and Marsha Valk in this 3 week online workshop that goes on sale today and begins on April 4th.

Let’s go Beyond the PaperJoin Nat Kalbach, Birgit Koopsen, and Marsha Valk for an online workshop that goes Beyond the Paper! We’ll be exploring exciting and original substrates to create on, that will invigorate your idea of art journaling and mixed media in general. Cardboard, Dura-Lar, Fabric, and more will be the foundation of our creations and we’ll discuss how to make the most out of these unique surfaces with techniques including foam stamping, printmaking, collage, stitching, and image transfers to name a few. To wrap things up, each teacher will bring some pages to completion and then show you a binding technique for pulling it all together. Learn more and register here.

The goal of Beyond the Paper is to inspire interesting, new ways to think about mixed media and to learn from the perspective and artistry of three different teachers. Also a special NEW foam stamp set, Triple Play will be used in the lessons and is newly released TODAY – for more on that, keep reading :)

Sign up TODAY for Early Bird pricing: Today, March 19th – April 5th, 11.59pm EDT this course is just $89 USD. After that, the course will be its regular price of $139 USD. Sign up now and get a fantastic deal.

Check out the promo video below:

Beyond the Paper includes 21 downloadable video lessons: 7 lessons by each of our teachers. The workshop will begin on April 4 and run for three weeks. Students will have access to a virtual classroom where they can comment on the lessons, ask questions, and share examples of their own work. A live webinar with the teachers will take place at the end of the workshop and students are encouraged to attend to learn more about the teachers, ask questions, and participate in some light-hearted activities. 

Sign up HERE.


NEW ArtFoamies set – Triple Play!!!

I’m also excited to announce the new Triple Play foam stamp set!!! Birgit, Marsha, and I designed this 7 piece ArtFoamies set to be used alongside the Beyond the Paper workshop, but of course this versatile set is perfect for any of your mixed media activities :)

Each of us designed two of the triangle stamps that fit nicely inside the hex border. Can you guess who designed what? I’m sure some of you may recognize our signature style.

For a while I have been obsessed with creating patterns with stamps (remember April Patterns?) and this set really allows you to explore that like crazy. You can use just one triangle to make all kinds of designs within the hex…

Or try combining two of the triangles for a cool field of pattern…

And how about layering it up a bit?

And then just look what happens when you really pull out all the stops?

I hope you join us for Beyond the Paper, with your Triple Play foam stamps in hand! I always love teaching with Birgit and Marsha and this time we all bring so many different ideas to the table that I know everyone will be inspired to think waaaaaay Beyond the Paper!

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