12 Days of California Part I: Prima Art*Venture


I am back from my 12 day long trip to California – it was insane…as in insane work and fun! Well…always good if you can combine both words fun AND work. I am exhausted but nonetheless I want to share some events along the trip- let’s start with the Prima Art*Venture Workshop Retreat. 160 students – 2 days- six workshops – fun…and a toast voice.



We set up the class rooms till late night the day before the event – look at all the class kits:



I taught a Wallhanger Class with the new Stationer’s Desk Line by Prima – here is the project and some details



I had a great time with the wonderful students attending the classes – from all over the country and also from Europe and Asia- so amazing!





160 Students- 160 different ways to create the wall hanger- here are just two:




It was fun spending time with the other teachers and friends from Prima including Sharon, Carrie, Anna, Steffi, Jamie, Limor and Frank as well as Denny who did such a fab job on organizing the event. Thank you also to Elena and my two wonderful helpers Cam and Lisa from Charity Wings– you girls rocked!







(last picture stolen from Sharon ;) ) I did not take that many photos – I am missing most of my sweet people- but oh well- LOL- sorry ;)

Thank you all – also for taking care of me when I got food poisoning or whatever it was what made me sick and dizzy at the end of my fifth class – I am glad I was able to at least finish the instructions and laying down for half an hour in between really helped me to be able to go through the rest of the day and last class.


Tomorrow I will tell more about my class at CHA and the debut of my stamps with Stampendous :)

have a gorgeous day






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  • kat82ren


    Congrats Nath and much day like this!


  • Laura Strack


    Hi Nathalie, Thank you for all the fun and expert technique advice at Art Venture 2014. This canvas has to be one of my most favorite canvas’ that I’ve ever made!! I can’t wait to give it to my precious Daughter n Law for her Birthday next week.
    Honored to have been one of the 160 students, grateful for all that I learned and I will always cherish the time we spent together. So glad you are a designer for Prima and also excited to see your own stamp line and all the beautiful things that you will create and share from Stampendous. So very cool!!
    So happy for you! Big Hugs,


    • nathalie-kalbach


      Laura- it was so cool to finally meet you- you are so much fun! Thank you for coming and your awesome support. You rock! huge hugs! -nat


  • marjiekemper


    Your class was GREAT, Nat, and I was so impressed you got through all six classes with a voice still intact. So sorry you were ill that day!


    • nathalie-kalbach


      Ahhh -thank you Marjie – it was so good to have you and I am so glad you suitcase finally made it!!! nat


  • Kirsten Alicia


    Great photos, love the projects. I’m glad you had such a wonderful time, hope you’re going to get some rest this week.


  • scrapinsue


    What a wonderful canvas and wow…160 students!
    Sorry to hear that you got sick but nice that friends were supportive.


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