Here is another of my new Stencils with StencilGirl Products . 9 x 12 Batik Stencil: Early in 2014 I taught workshops in Malaysia and while exploring Kuala Lumpur I was truly inspired by the batik art that you could find in traditional clothing and fabric. With this stencil I wanted to create a pattern that can be either used as a whole for a background or single images for mark making in your art work. Here are two art journal spreads where I used the stencil- but I will show more in the upcoming weeks:


I first painted the background with acrylic paints. Then I placed the Batik  Stencil over the background to the right, sprayed with Liquitex Spray paint over it and then flipping it right away over to the left for a negative imprint .


For the next page I used the stencil only partly here and there.


I used the border of the stencil to frame my art journal on the top and on the bottom.


I spread a bit gesso with a credit card over the background  and then stencils with a light acrylic paint through the stencil. I used this space to later journal my thoughts.


As you can see, I also flipped the stencil over to use the excess paint from the front of the stencil to create a negative imprint.

I hope you like this new stencil. Here are the supplies I used for these art journal pages


Have an amazing day and a great start into the week!

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  • stephanie


    i think this is my fave of the new ones!


  • Sue Clarke


    This is a must have! I’ve always loved batik clothing and blankets.


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