If it Scares You or … In My Art Journal Today


If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try!

I believe that is true – almost every time, I thought of something I would love to do or achieve and it sounded scary it was a good decision …like quitting my paralegal job to become an artist…or moving to the U.S. … So time for me to encounter another thing that scares me – we shall see ;)


This was a quick page in the morning – I had painted the background a couple weeks ago and had experimented with glazes. It got a bit dark in the process, so I added a huge field of white gesso scratched on with an old hotel key card. Later I spray painted using my StencilGirl Products Lilly Stencil and two different colors of Liquitex Spray Paint. Sometimes Art Journaling doesn’t have to be a long process- remember – you are the boss apple sauce ;)


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