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Image Transfers – Mixed Media Techniques

Image transfers can be done in lots of ways and I personally love experimenting with them in my artwork and art journal. Sometimes you want to include a photo image directly into your work and a transfer is a way to incorporate it more seamlessly.

I cover some of my favorite techniques in my Trace, Transfer, Transform online workshop to help you get started with image transfers. It can be daunting and a bit of practice and guidance can be just the thing. One important aspect about transfers to remember is that even imperfect transfers can add to your piece in unexpected ways.

Experimenting and playing will get you in the groove and open your eyes to the possibilities.

It is like a form of visual collage that adds to the layering and texture. And it’s just really a blast to fool around with to see what happens. Sounds like the kind of thing for you? Here’s a peek at my Trace, Transfer, Transform workshop:

See you in the classroom!

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Announcing a NEW Online Workshop: Trace, Transfer, Transform

Today my newest online workshop Trace, Transfer, Transform goes on sale on my website!

Get ready to transform your art journal and other creative projects with a bunch of fun and versatile tracing and transfer techniques. Enjoy Early Bird pricing – 25% off the regular price of $39, so just $29.25!!! – now through Monday May 27 when the workshop officially begins. Sign up here.

Check out the promo video:

Sign up now through Monday, May 27 and get the workshop for just $29.25. Throughout the workshop I show you ways to bring imagery into your art and how to integrate those elements with your style and make them your own. If you are looking for some inspiration for the summer, this is the perfect workshop for you! Join us!

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