April ArtFoamies Challenge – Day 24 & 25

Recapping Nat and Sarah’s April ArtFoamies Challenge today for April 24 and 25. You can follow along on my Instagram feed daily with videos and photos too.

Day 24 – Castle – Another stamp from my Mini Motifs Stamp set inspired by our fireplaces. This one always reminds me  of a little castle – maybe because it is part of our home. I thought the triangle stamp from the Triple Play set would make a nice addition to the pattern …if only I could have stamped more straight …boy oh boy ..but it is cool- I see this coming up in the future again.


Here is a look at April 24:


April 25 – Print – My MidCentury Squared Stamp is always reminding me of wallpaper from that time -so I wanted to play a bit with stamping layered on top in different directions and different colors. I really like this- I would take a printed wallpaper like this :)


And a looksie at April 25:


Follow along with the challenge on instagram  and post your artwork too with the hashtag #artcollabChallengeAccepted

Here are some of the supplies I used:

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