I Got Glasses


This layout was published last month in the Paperhaus Magazine and I had loads of fun doing it. The picture shows me with my new glasses…I guess my eyes are getting older- snigger


I painted the background with Luminarte Silks and also stamped with bubble wrap after applying some of the Luminarte Silk on top- love the effect.  I also used my Circuit Stencil and a pencil and just traced through the stencil -I love the effect.


The faux sewing I did with the Sew Easy Tool- which I love a lot- but always forget that I have it. You basically trace the stitching down and then I use a black journaling pen and just trace along- looks pretty real and makes it easy for some small stitching areas ;)

Here is all that I used


Do you have glasses? I actually like mine- although it took me a long time getting used to them and I still get a bit dizzy when the light changes.




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  • Thea


    And your glasses look beautifull. I also have glasses, since my teenage years. Tryed contact lenses, was oké for a while but now i weare my glasses every day. Can’t see without it. That means, when i’m behind my laptop and reading a book and too look in the far. Anyhow, it soots you well. Hope you had fun with Julie. :) Have a great week.


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