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12 Days of California Part III: CHA 2014 Trends & Observations

As every January Winter CHA was a must-go for me to see and observe trends and new products , for meetings and seeing friends. It was four days of insanity but I love it :)

Here are some of the trends I spotted:

  • Die Cuts with matching stamps or other products they can work well with  – Dies are hip and everywhere. Often times they accomplish an already existing product by a company – like Elisabeth Crafts Designs (Shimmer Sheets etc.) with the new licensed Karen Burniston Dies or Lawn Fawn Stamps with matching Dies
  • Wooden and other natural looking embellishments
  • Globes, Typewriters, Maps, Location Signs
  • Everthing Project Life related: Paper, Tags, clear bags, small alphas
  • Vellum and Washi Paper
  • Mixed Media products- paints, stencils, media – everything that can be used with Paint Products
  • Cork, Chalkboard, Canvas, Burlap

Another visible trends was that several companies were approaching the market differently –Several companies did not do the typical Scrapbooking Products,  it was more about accessories for Scrapbooking, homedecor and DIY  – like Hazel & Ruby with their Wall Stencils and gift paper wrapping, or Cosmo Cricket with beautiful Mason Jar additions and gift bags or Mon Ami Gabby with their natural versatile looking ribbons, rhinestone mats, crepe paper.










My Personal Faves at CHA2014

Lumi – Solar Printing at home- it was so much fun. I visited a class too and there will be a blog post about it coming soon :)


Mon Ami Gabby had rhinestone mats which can be used with die cut machines. I do hope they will get  better website- but I do love their products and the booth was beautiful!




Tsukineko – now Imagine Crafts Irresistible Sprays – Resist Texture Spray- do I have to say more- yum!Cannot wait to get my hand on those and play with them


Loved this paper – it was my fave…and like a total beginner I have no idea which company it was because I didn’t write it down nor did I take a photo of the label..if someone can tell me- I would be happy- LOL :)



  • Other than the paper above and some of other papers, most of the paper was a bit disappointing for me – the color scheme seemed to be throughout the same as well as the clipart – very few exceptions.
  • Spray paints with and without texture – Prima’s new Spray Paint- I will post about it soon, Imagine Crafts – it seems still on the up
  • The two main trends are Project Life and Mixed Media and everything seems to revolve around these two trends.
  • Lots of chalkboard muted matte pastel paints e.g. American Crafts- or the Earth Safe Booth
  • a lot of companies were not at CHA this time – Big booths like EK Success and other companies like Maya Road were missing totally. UPDATE: It was brought to my attention that Maya Road was at CHA. I missed their booth apparently totally and when I was talking to others they said also they didn’t see them- I should have fact checked this of course- so I do apologize. I am a fan of Maya Road- so having me pointing this out was a matter of sadness – happy to hear though they were there!
  • I had the feeling that the booths were in general less project and more product driven – there was way more creative output the years before and all in all the booths were a bit more plain then the years before. I am not sure how I feel about this because the art and design work usually made me most excited about the products.
  • Meeting people is the best about CHA – it is the time to talk, celebrate and network and I would not want to miss it anymore


JumpStarter Joe Rotella and Birgit Koopsen and I at breakfast






JumpStarter Dina with her new paint line- so proud of her and cannot wait to try them!



JumpStarter Julie Fei Fan Balzer and Birgit Koopsen – since Birgit is my bestie she is on a lot of photos ;).


Birgit with JumpStarter Catherine Scanlon




Denny from Prima who did such a fantastic job organizing the event and a little photo bomber- lol- that would be Limor Webber  NatKalbach_CHA2014_16


The amazing Suze Weinberg- another JumpStarter – visiting me at the Stampendous booth – she is sooo cool!


JumpStarter Pam Carriker, Birgit Koopsen and Mary Beth Shaw – we had so much fun trying to get a photo of us jumping…you cannot see a thing in that blurrr- LOL




I will be dabbling on some of the products I found at CHA here and there in future blog posts. I am looking forward to next year already!

The next posts from California will be about our mini vacation doing arting with Birgit Koopsen, Jenn Mason and Julie Fei-Fan Balzer – watch out for crazy posts ;)

Have a gorgeous day



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  • ruby t


    I did an image search on google and came up with another woman having ta similar image of a booth with those designs that were at the Houston Quilt Market Nov 2013.
    She does not indicate which company. So it is a company who produces fabric and paper…narrows it down just a little…
    Another woman at CHA says the exact thing that Natalie says…I forgot to write it down:
    She says she *thinks* it is AdornIt
    At least you have the name Woodland Critters
    that is all I have got


  • andrene


    OK-I spent, I know, 2 hours searching every paper company I could think of and watching all the CHA peek videos I could find to no avail. I haven’t a clue who makes that adorable collection! So if you find out, please let us know because I will be all over it!
    As for this releases papers & collections, I think there are some really nice ones coming out. The new Prima’s are gorgeous. Finnabairs new collection “Cold Country” is beautiful (gotta have it). And I’m loving Lawn Fawns stripes and dots. Thanks for the photos – I need to look out for those irresistible sprays!


  • SusanJane


    “Other than the paper above and some of other papers, most of the paper was a bit disappointing for me – the color scheme seemed to be throughout the same as well as the clipart – very few exceptions.”

    I’ve noticed this trend, too. What are all these companies thinking? I cannot imagine this homogeny is going to be profitable. It certainly demonstrates shortsighted planning. I’ve only bought a few sheets of paper this past last year and none of them were the “in” colors and patterns.

    Is it declining sales that are making these companies get pallet conservative?


  • kat82ren


    Thanks for showing us so many beautiful things!


  • Laura Strack


    I enjoyed your take on CHA! Thanks so much. I keep hearing that Scrapbooking is on the decline. I can’t help but wonder why? What can we do about it? Maybe more folks are going digital, IDK, but what can we do to get the younger generation involved and loving it, is the question?
    Hugs, Laura


  • morningdove


    loved your post – since never been so fun looking into CHA thru your eyes. looking forward to your posts on products. CJS is amazing this year and I am on fire. so funny when I printed out my list sheet of daily workshops I also go Jan 22, transparencies and giveaway on the list. like Santa I am checking off my list to make sure I try all the teachers tech and do the givewawys. great job nat.


  • scrapinsue


    I enjoyed this post so much Nat. Thanks for taking the time to give us the details. I have to say that most of the scrappy stores within an hour drive of me have closed at this point. My friends and I see that the scrapbooking (in the more traditional sense) seems to be on the decline. Mixed media and products for home decor are on the rise around here. So at least we are on the same page as CHA. LOL


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Art Venture 2014 in Anaheim, California

Wohooo :)

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Have a wonderful day!
huge hugs

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  • marjiekemper


    Sweeeeeeeet! You’ve made my day with this news and I have just registered… really looking forward to these days of fun and education before CHA.


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      WOOOWw- that is sooo cool!!!! Cannot wait to see you there !!!


  • mjmarmo


    Wow – this looks amazing!


  • Anne Porretta


    Nat, we need a smiling picture of you!


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