Necessary Ingredients in Living or Art Journal Page



I played a bit with collaging the background and using my Elephant and Arabesque Stencil.



I love how much texture and interesting effects the collaged flowers, die cuts, Fragments, Aged Embossing Powder and other elements added to my spray painted background and elephant.


The journaling says: Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living; it is a way of looking at life through the wrong way of a telescope. (Dr. Seuss)


I hope you have a lovely day!


Comments (6)

  • petyvic


    This beautiful elephant reminds me of Casablanca film! Proper for fantasy creations…!


  • Denise S


    Love this. That elephant is wonderful. Color, texture, I’m a big fan


  • Jackie


    Gorgeous Nat!


  • Sue Clarke


    “Fantasy” works well with this page since the blanket on the elephant’s back reminds me of a flying carpet. Great texture.


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