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Living in Color

“I prefer living in color” – me too David Hockney- me too. I do love Hockney’s use of colors and I was going for it in this art journal spread

I used my brand new Central Avenue Pos+Neg. ArtFoamies . It comes with two designs- are bold one and a more fine lined one.

I love using the paint on top of the stamp also only partly to get some areas more lightly as a hint of the stamps

This was fun and an easy creative boost in the morning.

Here are the supplies:

Wishing you a wonderful colorful day !

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Living in Color a la Hockney

An unusual color combination for me but inspired by David Hockney – a very straightforward but fun page with some stencil play.

Here are the supplies I used:

I think I want to discover this color combination a bit more. Do you like it?

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  • Sue Clarke


    Since you asked Nat, I must say that I’m not wild about that color combo but I enjoy seeing any thing that you’ve created.


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      Ha- I understand it is a “weird” combo :) Have a wonderful week Sue!


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