Standup Bass or…New Stencil with Stencil Girl Products

StandUpBass Stencil

New Stencil in the house and it is a 6×6 Standup Bass Stencil :)


One of my favorite things in our household is my husband’s standup bass- I just love that thing  – and I thought it would be a great stencil using it for everything related to music, or lyrics you quote , or layouts with bands, theater, concerts…etc :)


I used the stencil positive and negative at the same spot – meaning I sprayed over the stencil , then flipped it over at another spot to get the access paint onto the page and then took another color and sprayed over it again .


Love the dimension and the layers you build up with this method. Other than that I used Derwent Arbars, Dylusions and Liquitex Spraypaints with the background. The stamps you see are stamps I found at a store around the corner I am so in Love with them.


I hope you like my new stencil. It comes in two different sizes 6×6 and 4×4 inches.


Here is what I used for this art journal page


Have a beautiful and creative day !

huge hugs


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  • Sue Clarke


    This bass so makes me think of some of the music that you’ve had playing in the back ground of some of your tutorials. And nice that it also comes I the smaller 4X4 size. I must find a local store to get these stencils at.


  • Kathy Gledsdale


    Oh lovely!


  • muriel


    aah, I so love the sound of stand up bass! I could use your stencil for layouts with photos of when I was expecting my son and listened to pieces of music with this instrument all day long. And I looove your typewriter too, I have some in stamps but not in stencils……….for the moment…..


  • Gypsy Chaos


    LOVE the double triple use technique. I’ve been ‘printing’ the excess paint on paper for awhile – never thought of doing it on the same project.


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