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Kickstarter Campaign for Gentrification Exhibition



‘gentrification’ is an audio-visual exhibition opening on January 10, 2015 at 313 Gallery in Jersey City, NJ and I am part of it :)

It is a show about the changing social and economic landscape of Jersey City. For the exhibit, Jersey City artists  use recorded audio interviews with locals as a basis for new work exploring the virtues and detriments of the inevitable ‘gentrification’ of Jersey City.

Of course in order for this show to be successful, we need audio equipment. In this KickStarter Campaign we ask for your support in order to make this happen. We need 650 Dollars. Here is the video with the pledge:

Any donations exceeding the goal will go towards creating an exhibition catalog. Any proceeds exceeding 1000$ will go towards a local charitable organization TBA.

Participating artists include:

Narciso Espiritu

Nathalie Kalbach

Norman Kirby

Gabriella Perez

Sam Pullin

Fabricio Suarez

Sarah Veloso

Olivia Wilber

It would be wonderful if this would work out – maybe you would like to add a little token to it :) I will keep you updated on the process of the painting and the exhibition itself – maybe you are in the area and want to come and see/hear it .

Thank you and have a gorgeous day



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  • Sue Clarke


    Looks like an interesting experience to be a part of.


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Dixon Mills ArtShow


A couple weeks ago we had a little art show with artwork of the artists living at Dixon Mills and for the residents of Dixon Mills. It was a fun social event in our Social Club and I think there were about 60-70 people. It was not only awesome to be able to show some of my work, but also to connect with the other artists in our old factory buildings and to connect with neighbors. It wasn’t a public event- so I didn’t invite everyone I knew – but I had my sweet friend Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and my friend J. coming over. Hubs unfortunately had to travel.


Kim and Josh from Josh Urso Design showed some of their wonderful knoop (dutch for knots) tables and the gorgeous light below (WANT – I love their lamps too!). They create really awesome furniture and lamps with all kinds of awesome and sometimes unexpected materials and resin.


Also one of our Residence Artists is Donna Greenberg, a known polymer clay artist. She brought some of her jewelry and beautiful home decor items.



And here is us waving to our friend Anke: we found out that we both know Anke Humpert from Germany quite well. Anke and I have met several times doing Mixed Media things together and now she is super thriving in polymer clay art and knows Donna well. (The world is so small…it is not only a saying – remember- I met Maeghan at NAMTA in Pittsburgh- she was at the Artshow too- Loveee her – and when we talked it turned out she lives in the same building – CRAZY!)


There were also lot’s of wonderful photographs, glass painting art, mixed media collages and watercolor paintings – but I stink at taking photos when I talk so much- I always forget to take photos when I am talking with so many people. It was a great little show and a wonderful evening and I got a lot of positive reactions and inquiries about my work – including emails the next day. Yes there will be prints. These originals will not be sold yet as they are part of a bigger work theme. Thank you for all of those there and for being so supportive about my work! Here is my big fat happy grin at the end of the show :)


This would be the perfect time to stop this post…huh? Wait wait…you have not seen Julie, right? Well- kind of …she is standing behind the knoop table. But – Julie actually slept over and we had a VERY long night, talking and planning and laughing. And then this is how a joint fashionable jammie day looks like ;)


She wrote all about our Art Slumber Party here. I do love her- what a good friend she is – and how awesome , she lives so close now..It is 45 mins – btw- she is a true New Yorker whining, if they have to travel outside their little island, but over an hour traveling inside the city to Brooklyn is totally cool- LOL. It takes me as long to Downtown Manhattan as her = 20 mins ; tsss ;) But sorry, I was shifting is Julie writing down our evil plans to take over the art world …


And here is me holding up a hostess gift she painted in my studio, trying out my beloved Liquitex Markers…pretty cool. She made sure I hold it up high enough to cover up my Yankees Hoodie – she as a true Red Sox Fan had a hard time looking at it – snigger (I am not even a fan…I am European – I have no clue about Baseball – it is just a nice cozy hoodie- LOL).



And that was it…amazing night, amazing day- I was so inspired and full of energy afterwards (despite the fact we slept about 3 hours and I had to teach Friday night ;) ) – I cannot wait until the next Artshow and Art Slumber Party ;)

Have a gorgeous day





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  • Josh Urso Design


    We are so lucky to live in a community that is creative, diverse, and FUN! Thank you for the coverage Nat!!


  • anke humpert


    Hooo wohh Nat, I totally missed this post and just saw it while trying to chatch up! Thank you for mentioning me and I love, love love the picture of you and Donna!!! I really think I need to get over and see you two and if Julie could also join us, I would absolutly love that.
    Big hugs and take care until or paths cross again ( hopefully soon!)


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      Yes – come over!!!! We could have a fun day :)
      Huge hugs to you too!!!!


  • Sue Clarke


    So is Dixon Mills a place to live as well as a place to have a studio.
    How wonderful to be surrounded by that many creative people in your everyday life. Looks like you and Julie had a fun (almost sleepless) adventure.


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Hamburg*End(Si)e or…my very first exhibition



So last friday was the day of my first exhibition. If you are a regular reader of my blog and newsletter you know ow long it took me to do this and how scared and excited I was about the whole thing :) For the first time showing a bigger amount of my art work to friends and other people who have nothing to do with Mixed Media usually. Also most of my friends never really saw or got what I am doing anyway – not that they are not interested  – they just couldn’t grasp the concept ;)

Let me say right away – IT WAS AWESOME! – so you are done reading, if that is all you want to know – LOL – for the rest…let’s get into the details why it was one really cool experience!

1. Creating Process



Once I had the theme of the Exhibition in my head – a mixture between all Hamburg-Related things -mixed with a good bye twist – I had ideas for more canvases to create. I spent many days from early morning till late night in my studio painting and it was awesome. I loved working with my favorite techniques – and as I said many times before- if you master the technique it is quite easy to just let creativity flow.



My obstacles were of other nature …painting on canvases that are bigger than my usual surfaces…



and I tackled that too and I loved it. I want to do more of those!



I am ready for it ;)

2. Preparing the Exhibition



It was pretty amazing how much work even in such a small exhibition goes – I never really thought about it…see it is all a learning process for me. Gathering the artwork which I thought would fit best for the rooms and theme…



planning out in which rooms which art work can hang …trying to take into account space, wall size, windows and light – I didn’t do the best job on the light in one room as at a certain point the light was glaring on the pictures distracting the view a bit- but oh well…that is why you do your first exhibition in a small and familiar place then ;)



The hardest while preparing…coming up with names and …prices…the never ending discussion for an artist how to price your work. I was told I priced it to low by all of the people at the exhibition…I also talked a long time at the exhibition to a friend who is working at the Art Academy here in  Hamburg and she stated that in her experience it is mostly the women that have a problem pricing their art work, while the guys just do it. She has seen rows and rows of art students and it is always the same issue. Interesting…why is that? Well…I guess I fulfill the norm here ;)



Transporting and packing the artwork…some are super easy, some are causing problems because of fragility. I also learned that huge canvases do not fit in a smart car…and I also learned that carrying a huge canvases for half an hour in about 90 Fahrenheit (32 C)  is quite straining…Note to myself: ASK friends for help next time ;) On the other hand – carrying canvases around in a bag and having strangers ask you if they can take a look to hear them saying “Oh that is so cool, where did you buy that?” is also pretty fun…



Hanging the work…it is good if you have a friend who is 6.76 feet tall (2.06m) – you do not need a ladder and hanging stuff is a breeze ;)

3. The Exhibition



It was the hottest day ever and the last day of the school vacation – so only 1/3 of the people we invited came – it was small but yet wonderful . Sorry for not many pictures of the exhibition and people itself – I was way to busy and excited to take any…

It was special to show my work and the coolest part was hearing what others thought of my work, what they saw, what they liked (very different tastes- so fun to notice that once again ;) )



I loved when they discovered the tiniest details, asked questions and told me what they thought or felt seeing a certain canvas.



And after a while I started relaxing too and joining the party that formed on the balcony later that evening when it got a bit cooler outside when the sun started to go down



and we even got a nice firework to see to top off the exhibition :) What a great way to say an early good bye to Hamburg -even though we won’t move for another five weeks ;)



4. Conclusion

It was awesome. It was special for me and I am sure I will always remember this first intimate moment showcasing my work life. I had the feeling people liked my work and I even sold five canvases. I am stoked to know that four of them will be hanging in three different law offices throughout Hamburg (St. Pauli, Eimsbüttel and Altona). I am so giddy about it -I wanna go to all of them and look at them there- LOL. I would absolutely do it again and I hope there will be a chance to do so in my new home one day too :)

5. Thank You

Thanks to Klingner & Kollegen who invited me and made it possible to exhibit my work, to Liquitex for the support with their awesome paint media, to my wonderful readers that kept me going with my first exhibition, my awesome husband without whom this whole art adventure would have never started, my friend Julie Fei-Fan Balzer for her pushing and brain picking sessions and to all those that came to the exhibition on a very hot and murky day and who made me a really happy trooper. Thanks to A. to whom I sold my first two canvases – wow- that was so cool! Thank you!

Huge hugs



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  • Marjie Kemper


    This is SO great. I am thrilled for you, Nat. Here’s to the NY show once you move on over… I’ll be there cheering you on.


  • Nannette


    Congratulations! I would love to come to your first exhibition when you move over here, as I live not too far from NJ/NY areas! I would feel so privileged! Your work is wonderful and you, (and Julie), have been very much inspiration for me as a beginner in mixed media!


  • karen ellis


    Such a wonderful post. Congratulations on your first (of many I hope) exhibitions of your work. Looks awesome and your joy is so evident. YAY Nat!


  • Thea


    Hi Nathalie,

    What a nice exebition you got there. I like the colours and the different shapes u use in your canvases. Aspecialy the black sky and the bright colours. Awesome! Good for you that you sold some of your work, that makes a girl very happy :) I wish you a good weekend.


  • Michelle McCosh


    Nathalie; I am so excited and happy for you. I loved reading your blog posts leading up to your exhibition. I am thrilled for you that you sold five canvases. I love your work :) One day I hope to go to a gallery exhibition and see your work.


  • Madeline Rains


    I am so happy for you! What an experience. And I love the canvases I could see in the pictures.


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