As Easy as 1-2-3 Background² Art Journal Page

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A couple days ago I showed a tutorial on how to create an easy background in your art journal 


and I promised to show what I would do with the result later. I just added a bit of stamping over both pages to tie it together, added the image , painted it with markers and then added the journaling. It was a quick but liberating art journal spread.

Here are the supplies that I used after I created the initial background:


I hope you liked seeing the transition :) Have a wonderful day






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21 Secrets is now on sale

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I’m so pleased to be a part of a wonderful online art journaling workshop called “21 Secrets” starting in April 2015

Spring 2015 small

21 SECRETS teachers create workshops that beautifully reflect who they are as an artist right here and now. The mission behind 21 SECRETS is to showcase a variety of approaches, techniques, and ways of integrating art journaling and creativity into one’s life. With both an open heart and an open art journal, together we as teachers provide our members the space, permission, and inspiration to navigate those unexplored territories within their own hearts that are longing to be fully expressed.

The 21 Secrets Spring Art Journaling Workshop is downloadable.




What I teach? The Story Within a Story 

For me art journaling is visual story telling. It might not be a story that everyone can read but I can read it and that is all that counts. All my stories consist of many viewpoints and layers – thoughts, emotions and the story itself. I love to express the complexity of a story by building up layers and dimension through various techniques and texture.

In this workshop I would like to walk with you through my art journaling process. I will show you various layering techniques and I will tell you why and how I am doing what I am doing.

Join me in telling a creative story within a story.

21 SECRETS Spring 2015 Round

Some of the other teachers include: Eric Scott & Davd Modler – the Journal Fodder Junkies, Juliette Crane, Steve Salik, Jessica Leigh Brogan, Joyce van der Lely, You can read all about my class and the twenty other classes here

How much does it cost?

Right now the PRESALE is happening !


Note: The link that I am using to promote 21 SECRETS is an affiliate link and I will receive a small percentage of any student who registers through my link. If you want to register, and want to support me as an artist it would be wonderful if you would consider registering through my link .



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As Easy as 1-2-3 Background² Tutorial

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Today I am showing you how to make a background- actually two different backgrounds – for an art journal spread as easy as you count to 3…or almost as easy ;)


Picking my art journal, my Lily Wallpaper Stencil and Liquitex Spray Paint I start by spraying over the stencil over the left spread of my art journal.


Using the paint on the stencil for a negative imprint, I simply flip the stencil over to the right side and brayer over the back of my stencil


You can use the flip over step of course on a total different spread- because essentially these are actually two different background starters with the same techniques and materials. But I like to work in a double spread on my art journal and I like it when the sides are similar – like here in pattern, but still have  some interesting differences.


Using a big brush I spread a thin layer of Acrylic Ink over the spread. I love how the effect  – on the left side the lilly design is more bound in


while on the right, by taking some of the ink off with a baby wipe, the blue spray paint color pops even more.


I picked the same blue as a Soft Body Acrylic Paint as I used as a Spray Paint (Phthalocyanine Blue (Green Shade) for the next step. Layering my Ornament Stencil over the empty spaces of my Lily Background I stenciled single ornaments in.


And done is/are my background(s)


Here is the background 1 …and


Easy, wasn’t it? I will show you in a couple days, what I actually did in my art journal with these two backgrounds.

Here is a complete list of the supplies I used


Have an amazing day




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  • Jani Franck


    I love how the layering works – gorgeous technique, thanks for sharing :)


  • Sue Clarke


    Sweet and you make it look so easy.


  • sécotine La Petite Française


    thanks so much for sharing your amazing work!!! love to play with the transparences of liquid acrylic paint!


  • Christy Tremblay


    REALLY Cool!!!
    I am going to have to try this. Thank you for sharing and the nice pictures!


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