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Yas Queen Painting

Here is another painting of the beautiful Queen Anne Mansion I walk by almost every day.

I wonder what the original colors have been back in the days- a lot of those houses have been actually painted in very jarring colors – but at some point house owners toned everything a bit own I guess.

I had fun with this painting on a 8×8 canvas with Acrylic paints, gouache, spray paints and markers.

And you can give it a home if you want – it is available in my store – Check it out :)

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Worship – Painting

This painting is inspired by a beautiful wood church in my neighborhood. 

I just recently was inside the church as it also showed some artwork of local artists during the Jersey City Art and Studio tour.

I am not easily taken by church buildings anymore …don’t get me wrong, but as a European I have had my share of stunning and OLD churches- but this one is breathtaking and unique – I had to paint it.

I used Acrylic paints, Markers, charcoal, oil pastels for this painting. I am right now painting a series of paintings inspired by my Strolls through the Hood – and I am having a lot of fun with it. 

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Powerhouse Prints now in Shop

My Powerhouse Prints inspired by my Stroll Through the Hood are now available in my store

They are about 6×6” and mounted on 8×8” canvas board.

They look really good as one piece or in a series and can be either put into a frame of your taste or with Canvas Board Hanging Tape.

This series is from my Creative JumpStart 2020 video.

And I had a ton of fun making those!

It would make me happy to know that someone gives the one or other piece a new home! Check them out in my store area with Original Artwork

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  • Eunice


    I love the challenge of stenciling on a rough and distressed surface. These are beautiful and I’d love to try that technique!


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Artful Adventures Quote

I hope you are letting go this weekend and having some fun with your art making :)  For more inspiration, pick up a copy of my book Artful Adventures in Mixed Media for yourself or someone on your holiday list who could use some creative encouragement!

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Artful Adventures Quote

Hello my friends, I hope you are out and about this weekend connecting with each other and gathering all sorts of inspiring stories :) For more ideas on finding inspiration, pick up a copy of my book Artful Adventures in Mixed Media.

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