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NEW Rubber Stamps and Mini Foam Stamps!!!

Are you ready for some new releases and samples? – There is a lot fun stuff in this post -but first- the designs :)

This new RubberMoon cling rubber stamp set includes 6 large circular stamps along with one ornament topper stamp. Circle stamps measure approx. 3″x3″.

AND …we have those in a smaller size as well  with the circle stamps measuring approx.1″x1″ :)

But wait there is more …we also have some new Mini ArtFoamies Sets in the house. A Mini Hex Set with all of my four hexagon stamps in sizes which are between 2.125″x2.5″ and 2.5″x2.75″.

And a Mini Tile Set– with sizes between 2.25″x2.25″ and 2.875″x2.875″.

Let me show you some samples our Creative Squad and I made with the new RubberMoon Stamps :)

So the fun thing I added to the Circle Jumble Sets is a little topper which gives you the possibility to turn the circles into ornaments or use the topper as a fun little stamp for borders and patterns.

Here I created some super simple Holiday Cards with the Large Circle Jumble Set.

Jennifer created this super cute stained glass ornament using the Broadway Circle and the Topper from the Large Circle Jumble Set as well.

In this art journal spread I am using the Large Circle Jumble Set set as well as the Small Circle Jumble Set with embossing powders.

Maura used the Small Circle Jumble Set  for this pretty holiday card and added some pretty writing with a gold pen to “hang them” .

For this mix of cards I used both sets- for the left and middle one creating borders with the topper but also mixing up both sets once again.

For the cards above I played around with both sets and created a cohesive note card sets, which I can use for various occasions.

Tania created this gorgeous Small Circle Jumble card overlaying the circles in different colors.

Josefine made a bunch of cards mixing up both the Large and Small Circle Jumble sets for some added dimension.

For the art journal spread above i played with both sets and made some Mandalas. I could have colored them in as well -but I loved the black and white look at the moment more :)

And Kae Pea the owner of RubberMoon made this gorgeous Bohemian Star on a canvas!

Let’s show some samples with the new ArtFoamies Mini Sets

The Mini Hex Set is just super adorable!!! You can mix it with the regular sized Hexes as well.

Here is an art journal page where I just used all of them- but of course you can use them individually to create patterns- just like their big sisters :)

And some cards with the new Mini Tile Set.

Which of the new stamps makes you the most excited? Any favorites?

Join me on Friday, July 20th at 12noon EST for another fun Kaffeeklatsch on Facebook Live! I’ll be chatting about my NEW rubber stamp sets AND my NEW foam stamp sets and other stuff. Yes!!!

And pick up the new stamps here:




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  • Maxi Moon


    LOVE how your team used these! They are so versatile and creative!!


  • stephanie


    ohhh the possibilities. Can’t wait to get these!


  • Sue Clarke


    Love Maura’s card with the words as strings for the ornaments!
    What versatile sets.


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Space Oddity – Art Journal

Yes.. I did crank up Space Oddity by David Bowie while making this spread. Music – such an important part of my life – I love playing music while painting.

I used some off white Acrylic paint with the new ArtFoamies Space Oddity stamp – gosh I love it.

I painted over an magazine image which I do a lot as it is easy peasy and also helps practicing drawing faces and figures.

Do you listen to music when you do something creative or do you need a super quiet environment?

Here are some of the additional supplies I used besides acrylic paint for this spread

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Knowing the Author – Art Journal

“I trust the next chapter because I know the author!” – love it…if only it was true- hahahahah ;)

I used my brand new Diamond Hex ArtFoamies stamp and rolled acrylic paint on top before stamping it.

I used less amount of blue paint on the stamp and I love how the foam stamp then reveals so much texture and dimension. That is what I love about Foam Stamps- the texture you can create with it makes pattern so much more interesting or me!

I added some journaling and dots with a calligraphy pen and some marks with a soft pencil.

Here are some of the supplies I used for this page

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1,2,3,4,5 – Art Journal

I wanted to share this art journal spread I created using my new Clam Hex Foam Stamp in detail. I stamped the alternating the direction up and down in every row. I just love how versatile this stamp is and how many different patterns you can create with it.

For the numbers I used my letterpress wood stamps and inked them up with different ink, then rubbed a piece of paper on it, cut it out and pasted it with gel medium into the art journal.

That was fun – now repeat tomorrow ;)

Here are some of the supplies that I used

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  • Janene


    When I saw this work, I started singing the Beatles’ song “All Together Now”. Now it’s stuck in my head and maybe it will stick in your head, too. :-)

    One, two, three, four
    Can I have a little more?
    Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, I love you

    A, B, C, D
    Can I bring my friend to tea?
    E, F, G, H, I, J, I love you …


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New Art Foamies Stamp June 2018 Release!

I am so excited about my new ArtFoamies Foam Stamps. They can be used with acrylic paint, ink and other paint media on paper, canvas, wood and other surfaces. Are you ready for some samples?

Let’s start with my new Hexagon shapes.

Clam Hex – This stamp is inspired by the simple beauty of a clam shell. With the versatile hex shape you can tile it up in a bunch of different ways, depending on how you orient the markings, and create different fields of pattern. Backgrounds, layers, focal points and more are possible.

Here is an art journal page using the Clam Hex alternating the direction of the stamp up and down.

The many possibilities of this stamp actually makes my head spin- I will go into details about those in the next couple weeks for sure :)

Space Oddity is inspired by none other than the amazingly talented David Bowie and the utterly unique and otherworldly places he transported us to through his music, style, and many personae. Look deep into this hex shaped design and begin your own creative journey. Designed with radial symmetry, you can tile this baby up and create an entire field of op art hex shapes. Backgrounds, layers, focal points and more are your destiny.

Here is an art journal spread with this puppy :)

This stamp makes me so happy :)

Maze Hex – This hex style foam stamp has a radial design that can be interpreted in so many ways.

Maybe you see a flower in its design? Maybe the winding pathways of a maze? How about the motion of a spinning piece of machinery?

Your choice ;) Use the Maze Hex on its own as a hypnotic focal point or tile it up to create a field of flowers background.

Diamond Hex– This stamp is inspired by the geometry of a faceted stone.

You can create fields of interesting patterns by repeating this pared down and modern interpretation.

Rotating the design as you go will give you additional variations to the field. Backgrounds, layers, focal points – yes, yes, and yes! Remember: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” LOL

did I get you hooked on those hexagon stamps yet?

But wait there is more ;)

Beacon Positive and Negative – set with two stamps, inspired by the gorgeous Art Deco era buildings known as The Beacon in Jersey City.  These towers sit on a hilltop not far from where I live, and can be seen from miles around in the night sky.

Just as a beacon guides travelers on their way and provides safe passage to ships in the night, these stamps offers a radial, starburst style design to call attention to your art, mixed media projects, and art journal pages.

Use the positive and negative stamps as single designs or together for a unique layering effect.

Weave – was inspired by the simple, visual rhythm of woven fabric.

The repeating design is great for stamping multiple times to create continuous patterned backgrounds. Where? In your artwork, mixed media projects, block printing, art journal, fabric and textile projects, on your gelli plate, and wherever you CREATE!

I love it, simple yet pretty cool.

Antique Tile – was inspired by the beautiful wrought iron balconies, gates, and fences known as “Iron Lace” in and around the city of New Orleans.

Add a bit of Antique Victorian style, old world Spanish tradition, or French Creole flair with this pattern.

The ornate design of this one is perfect for layering or creating intricate backgrounds in your artwork, mixed media projects, block printing, in your art journal, etc.

And last but not least…

Amsterdam – was inspired by the beautiful and progressive city of Amsterdam.

Traveling to Amsterdam I always enjoy the lush markets overflowing with bundles of tulips and flowers, and the old and new architectural styles living side-by-side.

and that is it for now :) All of the designs are in the store now and ready to be shipped out :)

But… WAIT …..WAIT…..

Do you want to win the new stamps? I am giving away to one lucky winner a nice package of ALL the new stamps!

UPDATE: This contest is closed. Congratulations to our winner Nancy Faulls!!!

Here is how you can win:

  1. Comment on this blog post which of the new stamps is your favorite.  You can can actually get another entry if you
  2. join me at my Facebook Live event today starting at 4pm EST here and share the recorded video afterwards with your Facebook Followers.

I am very happy to announce that the winner of my new foam stamps is Nancy Faulls! She will receive the full set of my 8 new designs to use in her creative projects. We’d also like to say a BIG thank you to EVERYONE who tuned into the Facebook Live event yesterday to join the fun Kaffeeklatsch we had and all those who shared that video. We also send a BIG thank you to everyone who read the blog post announcing the new stamps and who made such nice comments on there. Half of the fun of these new product reveals is getting to share my excitement for the new designs with you and hopefully inspiring you to try your own style of using them in your artmaking. You guys rock!



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  • Glenda


    Oh my gosh, all of the designs are wonderful but my absolute favorites are Antique Tile and the Weave. Cutting the weave up is so intriguing. Thanks for all you do


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All Shapes and Sizes – Jennifer Gallagher


Happy Tuesday from the Creative Squad! Today we have a post from Jennifer Gallagher that will definitely inspire you to up your summer entertaining game! Jennifer brings us some awesome stamped and embroidered napkins using my Valley Road and Mini Batik Pattern 1 foam stamps, and inspired by this month’s theme: All Shapes and Sizes – Circles and squares, big and small, let’s mix it up and play with different shapes and sizes this month. Just because things are different doesn’t mean they can’t look great together!

This month we are celebrating all shapes and sizes. I am a firm believer that mixing shapes and patterns leads us to the most interesting design. With that in mind, I am making a fun set of stamped and embroidered napkins that mix some of my favorite n*Studio ArtFoamies. Although I am using different shapes and designs, you will find they compliment each other quite well.

I started with a package of four white 100% cotton dinner napkins designed for embroidery. Make sure to prewash these types of items to remove the sizing. After washing and drying them, I gave them a quick steam to knock out the majority of the wrinkles. I then laid a large piece of cardboard under the area I would be stamping to prevent the paint from soaking through to the layers underneath.

I didn’t have any textile paint on hand, but I did have some textile medium. I mixed up my paint with the medium according to the directions. This product turns your regular acrylic paint into fabric paint. I settled on a bright and cheerful yellow.

Next, I dipped my ArtFoamie onto the paint. It is important not to overload your stamp with too much paint. ArtFoamies are very high quality stamps and will hold the paint and leave a wonderful impression. There is no need to load too much paint as it will seep into the negative spaces of your stamp and leak out once pressed down. I am stamping with Nat’s Mini Batik Pattern 1 stamp and the Valley Road stamps.

Once the paint dried, I placed my napkin into a four inch embroidery hoop. After choosing a handful of colors to embroider with, I began some basic stitching. You don’t need to be an embroidery whiz to add some basic stitches to your napkins. There is a wealth of free information online about embroidery. If you have never tried it before just do a quick google search.

Each napkin has a variety of stitches and colors used. You can customize your own set by varying the n*studio artfoamies you use and the colors you coordinate.

These fun napkins are perfect for a summer picnic. I hope I have inspired you to stamp and embroider your own items. Be sure to share with us what you create! Enjoy.

Thank you Jennifer – these napkins made me so happy. What a cheery and fun project! Here are some of the supplies that Jennifer used:

And if you feel inspired to share some of your own projects with my stamps and stencils, please send them my way. I post projects almost every month in my Inspiration From Around the Globe posts!

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Forget the rest – Art Journal

“Don’t stress. Do your best. Forget the rest.” A good mantra …I will do my best but not stress to remember- LOL

I kept the background simple by stamping alternating the positive and negative Manhattan Foam Stamp on the left- and then doing the same on the right with the Mini Manhattan version. It is fun to not only use the two stamps in the sets on top of each other or each on their own, but to also create fun pattern by using them alternating and in different directions.


I painted over a lady from a catalogue with acrylic paint in red and orange for some pop and added the journaling with a Fude Pen – quick and easy yet fun to create. I am in this weird mode of trying more ways to do less with more breathing space in my art journals – maybe a part of my reorganizing, purging urge right now.

Here is what I used for this spread:

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Trapped – Art Journal Spread

“See, I’m a person who wants to do a lot in a body of a person who wants to sleep a lot.”

LOL- so true! This was the beginning of a demo at a workshop and then I finished up the page -it is a bit weird- but I kind of like it. Noticed her mittens …that is what happens when you screw up the hands…you just add mittens ;)

Played with Stabilo Woodies, Ink and stamps

Here are some of the supplies I used for this spread

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Fun with Furoshiki Wrapping

Furoshiki is the wonderful art and tradition of wrapping things in a nicely printed square cloth. When I was in Japan I saw specialized Furoshiki stores everywhere, selling not only the beautiful cloth but also showing how to wrap different gifts, books, and make bags etc. I totally fell in love with this and so Kim and I decided to have a little playdate to make our own wrapping cloth.

I dyed some white cloth beforehand so we would not just work with plain white and then gathered fabric paint, some foam stamps and brayers.

For one of of the pieces i used my Grove Foam Stamp Set and created a pattern leaving some white space as this seems to work the best for this purpose.

Kim created a pattern using the Broadway Foam Stamp Set.

And create a border using my Exchange Place Foam Stamp.

And Kim used for her second piece the Circle Drive Foam Stamp.

Then the wrapping part started. Our cloth was a tiny bit too stiff …it worked but when we do this again a thinner fabric would work even better.

Here is the close up

and wrapping a bottle

you can tell …the cat sneaked into the picture …but there you go- LOL ;)

Another method for boxes or books

And a simple but fun one

I love that these cloth can be used in so many ways by the recipients. Either reused for gifts yet again or as kitchen towels, or depending on the fabric as shawls etc. So many options and a great way to give a beautifully wrapped gift. I hope you liked our playdate and give Furoshiki a try.

Here are some of the supplies Kim and I used for this Furoshiki play date:

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