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Chaos is a friend of mine

Seriously! LOL- how about you?

I love how this page turned out – it was a demo page for a workshop and there were different areas of color and stamping and I thought I will tie it all together buy using the same colors and embracing the chaos :)

I used my brand new Park Blvd Pos + Negative ArtFoamies as well as the Versailles Pos +Neg. and the Manhattan Border Stamp.

Now …off to getting ahold of some chaos in my studio …because honestly it starts to be not so friend’ly’ anymore- LOL.

Here are some of the supplies that I used for this spread:

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  • karen bearse


    Oh yes same! My studio is currently being called the monstrosity!


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      LOL- I read first “Monastery” – I like Monstrosity :)


  • Sue Clarke


    Great words for that colorful page.
    Chaos throws me off but it also makes me rise to the occasion.


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      Sue, depends for me where the chaos is. I am actually in a lot of areas a crazy organized person – but not in my artmaking- LOL


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Pattern Play

A couple weeks ago I did a guest blog post for StencilGirl Design and in case you haven’t seen it- I thought I post it here too :) I made a video showing some Pattern Play with some of my StencilGirl Products Stencils and the coordinating ArtFoamies Foam Stamps I designed. I love how different sizes of the same pattern on different tools open up many fun possibilities to do true Mixed Media projects.

Pattern Play with Nat Kalbach from Nathalie Kalbach on Vimeo.

I hope you enjoyed the video and they triggered some ideas for you on how to play with pattern.Here are some photos of the canvas boards in the video

using these Buenos Aires Stencils and Foam Stamps


using these Manhattan stencils and foam stamps

Supplies that I used- some links are affiliate links:

Thank you so much for playing with me :)


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Abstract Kaffee Klatsch


This Canvas was really fun to make. I used the Stencil in my Kaffee Klatsch Stamp Set with Heavy Gesso, and used the stamps with Acrylic Paints but also pressed into the gesso and paint surface as texture tools.



I love how the patterns of the stamps became organic



some hints of purple and orange as a contrast and finished up with a splatter of black acrylic ink.



Here is what I used:


Hope you are having a great week!

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  • Keast


    Really love the texture on this and your colors… Makes me happy and want to play.




    Natalie, this is fabulous! I love abstracts with lots of color and texture; and, this painting has it! What size is the canvas?


  • Leadonna


    Love the colors and the texture, Nat! Beautifully done, as always!


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Abstract Mini Canvases


I am on my way to NAMTA Art Materials World in Pittsburgh today. Stampendous! will have a booth there too and these are some mini canvases I created using my Stampendous! Signature stamps.



Basically I created a background for each canvas with different color combinations using Acrylic Inks or Soft Body Acrylic Paint – having some fun dripping and dropping



Using the templates that are included in my stamp packages with Soft Body and/or Heavy Body Acrylic Paints I added another layer.



For the third layer I used the Stamps with an Embossing Pad and added various Aged Embossing Powders on top of it.



Carefully heat embossed it as to not burn canvas and/or acrylic paints



I love the texture this creates



I then used the stamps with acrylic paints and added some colors here and there and tied some elements together



I had loads of fun with those canvases


Here are all the supplies I used:


have a wonderful day – I am sure that I will share some photos of the convention next week – I am looking forward seeing inspiring stuff and meeting some artist friends.




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