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Giveaway Time – Mixed Media Chips

It’s Giveaway Time! Get one of my Mixed Media Chips for FREE. These cute chipboard stencils are being discontinued so while supplies last, you can score one for free. How? Just spend $15 or more before shipping (and after any coupons are applied) in the online shop on physical products and we’ll pop one into your order. It’ll be randomly selected and a surprise for you :)

These are kind of a cross between a stencil and a collage element and I had fun using them in my art journal for backgrounds…

And for creating texture…

And finally as a bit of collage to emphasize certain motifs in a spread.

I also loved using them for cards in all three ways, creating some city-inspired ones that play with lots of tonal layering.

So until we run out, just spend $15 or more on an order here in the shop (physical products only, cart total before shipping and after coupons) and we will include one free Mixed Media Chip in your shipment.

And now is a great time to buy as we are currently having Nat’s Birthday Sale – 20% off all physical products using the coupon bdayfun20 when you check out. Hurry though, stamps and stencils are going fast and the sale ends 11:59pm EDT (NYC time) on July 6, 2022.


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That’s Why – Art Journal

They told me I couldn’t… that’s why I did it.

In this case, you shouldn’t really show stuff on social media you are not happy about and so that’s why I do it hahahaha. Because it is all part of the process …the good , the ugly and the in between.

I used my FANtastic Mixed Media Chip as a stencil and monoprinted directly into my art journal.

I added paint and stamped with my FANtastic Large rubber stamp set and my Fanfare stamp set.

At the end I took matte medium and adhered part of the mixed media chip right into it all, framing the stamped fans and giving a bit of texture to the page.

There are elements of the page that I really like – like the monoprinted area and the chipboard as well as the muted stamping but then there are others that I DO NOT LIKE. Basically the colors are totally out of my comfort zone and the very rigid pattern of the chipboard and the stamps was competing with the messiness of other areas. Sometimes that works but here for me it didn’t . It was fun to play though …and sometimes just showing up and doing something creative is ok too …

Here are some of the supplies that I used:

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  • Susan Archibald Debourguignon


    at first i thought this was a guest post because these are not your colors, Nathalie. great job going waaay out of your comfort zone. i like bold, jewel-toned colors … mostly blues and violets and i can stretch to add reds and greens. you inspire me to go create with pastels and all shades of yellow and orange, thank you!


    • nathalie-kalbach


      Ha- I know LOL- WAY out of my comfort zone- I am personally torn between liking it and not liking it …still contemplating :)


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Good Mood – Art Journal

“The most important decision you will ever make is to be in a good mood.” – Voltaire

I used my Ink Splat Mixed Media Chip here with golden gesso to make a nice thin area of texture on my page.

In the background I used my Far Out foam stamp and my Mini Batik Pattern 1 foam stamp with acrylic paint.

If only it were that easy Voltaire :)

Here are some of the supplies that I used:

Comments (1)

  • Sue Clarke


    As Barry Neil Kaufman says, happiness is a choice.
    I LOVE these colors together Nat.
    The textured gold “dots” are delightful!


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The Stencilfied Journal – Prompt 23

My wonderful friend Tina Walker is at it again – she invited several people to join her Stencilfied Prompts. The prompts are music related and each week she is posting a song. You can be inspired by the lyrics, the video, the album cover or anything related and the only restriction is that you have to use StencilGirl Product Stencils. Here is my take on Prompt 23

This week the song was Paradise by the Dashboard Light by Meatloaf. This is definitely a classic, so I pulled some lyrics and then added my own thoughts :)

I used my Hamilton stencil for the background, with spray paint, then ink and paint on top.

I traced some fan shapes using my Fantastic Mixed Media Chip, and also stamped my Broadway Fan stamp from my FANtastic Large stamp set.

Here are some of the supplies that I used:

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Most Important – Art Journal and Mixed Media Chip Tips

“How unique to this human experience that we all just wish to be the most important thing on earth to someone else.” – Tyler Knott Gregson

I used acrylic paint with my new Hexastencil Planet Earth Mixed Media Chip to create my background.

Then I came back and stamped with my Hex Set Large rubber stamps – they are just the right size to work together.

Mixed Media Chips are made of chipboard – here are some tips for helping you give them a longer “life”.

Brush some gel medium on both sides, let dry, this seals it for a bit so you can play with it a bit longer.

Add some artist masking tape around the edges to make it easier to use as a stencil too- you can remove it later.

You can use it as a stencil and line it up for a continuous pattern – makes for great color blending and layering.

And best of all, this hex chip works with my rubber stamp sets.

Here are some of the supplies I used in this post:

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Super Power – Art Journal

What’s your superpower? I’m a woman…

I used my Hexastencil Mixed Media Chip to create the hex pattern and then filled in with the Diamond Hex rubber stamp from the Hex Set Large and the Fairview rubber stamp from the FANtastic Small set.

I had a photo of my Aunt Margot from a party (I had so many from the party and was sorting through them recently – such cool images) and just thought it was a perfect fit for the quote and the hex space. Then I trimmed up one of the Hexastencil chips, and applied it with gel medium.

I’m glad I found a way to incorporate the dear photo, in a meaningful way to keep.

Here are some of the supplies that I used:

Comments (1)

  • Sue Clarke


    Aunt Margot…how nice to see her again on a page.
    I must say that I have always enjoyed your stories about her and the warm memories that it makes me feel for/with you.
    Hope you’re enjoying this summer weather Nat!


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New Product Announcement: Mixed Media Chips!

I’m excited today to announce a new product featuring my designs: Planet eARTh Mixed Media Chips by the folks at RubberMoon! The chipboard pieces can be used to stencil or collage, they are made out of recycled material, and they are a fun addition to my other products.

This one is called Hexastencil and it is the perfect size to work with my Hex Set Large rubber stamp set as you can see here:

I stenciled with the Mixed Media Chip, then stamped inside the design, and then added a bit of the chip to the page. You get 2 Mixed Media Chips in each package, so there is some flexibility with how you can use them.

This is the FANtastic chip – designed to work with the FANtastic Large rubber stamp set.

Here again I used the chip as a stencil, then stamped in with the Fantastic Large stamps, and then collaged a bit of the chip in there. After you use the chip a few times as a stencil, it can have some nice color to it that makes it perfect to glue in there.

Here is Midtown 1 chip for some funky abstract city buildings…

And Midtown 2 for a couple more buildings. I love these for collage:

I made some cards with the Midtown chips.

Here is the Paint Splat design – great for adding a little haphazard grunge.

And the Ink Splat because it is way more fun to have a couple like this :)

I used the Ink Splat chip here with golden gesso applied nice and thick with a palette knife. So juicy!

You can check out all the new Mixed Media Chip patterns in my shop and I hope you share with me how you like to use them!

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