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Inspired and Bursting with Ideas or… Hanging out in the City

Written by Nathalie Kalbach. Posted in Art Of Living as an Artist

The last couple weeks  I am taking off a lot of time and I have been doing a lot of stuff in the city …meaning New York City. I feel like super inspired and bursting with ideas – here are the reasons :

Art Work at MoMA

Julie and I taking an art class at MoMA and the possibility to see some of the artwork in the gallery upfront, almost alone after closing hours and with lot’s of explanations and pointed out details on how they developed and were created – is really inspiring. It makes me burst with ideas of things to try out or put a twist on something I have done so far.


Jackson Pollock – besides the texture, this sings to me .


Robert Rauschenberg’s Canyon – besides the story behind the meaning and the story of the bald eagle-tax problem I love the rawness, the composition and the hint of colors here and there.


Mark Rothko – ever since a great Rothko exhibition I visited in Hamburg in 2008 – I came to appreciate his work but learning how difficult it really is to achieve what he did in his paintings , I do even more so now. But truly the color combinations are what get me going.


Jasper Johns – White Numbers – swoon – I so love this on so many levels- too bad MoMA put this behind a glass frame – a lot get’s lost when viewing it this way. BTW – I highly recommend the the exhibition: Jasper Johns – Regrets at MoMA – it showcases the experimentation phases in one of his recent and from my understanding still ongoing artwork and I think it is an excellent way to get a look into his brain but to also understand that sometimes experimenting and pushing ideas in different directions over and over again are a great way to explore and find the right artistic voice.

Hedwig and The Angry Inch



A big highlight last weekend. 14 years ago we went with our friends  and saw the show in Jane Theatre in NYC – and it was so  much fun – I loved it. So this year we all went again …14 years older- sigh ;) but the show with Neil Patrick Harris was even better than last time…love the music still, loved the show, the message…and that from a person that is not a big musical fan…very inspired :)


 Hanging out with Julie a lot

I got to hang out with my friend Julie a lot- which is awesome (might change as we are spending a couple days together at CREATE NJ together too – LOL ;) )



In fact- we kind of turn into evil twins and we definitely have to check to make sure to dress differently in the future- LOL.


The best thing of course it creating art together – and talk about it – we usually stink in really using our time together for art making, since we talk to much about other stuff- but the last weeks we did it ;)



What can I say…I love to food …and I had a lot of good food the last couple weeks- ahem. Gotta doubling my workout sessions again I guess ;) But isn’t this color palette just beautiful? And yes…it was more than delicious :)



I hope you enjoy summer as much as I do, and take some time off ! What Inspires you as of lately?



Photos of the Acrylics Demystified Workshop

Written by Nathalie Kalbach. Posted in Mixed Media Workshop


It was such a great and fun day teaching my Acrylics Demystified Workshop for The Ink Pad in New York City. As with most of the bigger group workshops it took place at the Westbeth Community Room which is the perfect location for those kind of workshops- huge space, lot’s of light, outdoor space and a little kitchen included.


We talked a lot about Liquitex Acrylic Paints and Acrylic Inks and Markers. About art supply labeling and the main groups in acrylics.  And then started playful by pooling, puddling and stringing with Liquitex Pouring Medium and String Gel. I showed how to make acrylic skins and demonstrated several possibilities of using them. Perfect way to get over the White Canvas Horror :)



Then we sculptured our way up using Liquitex Flexible Modeling Paste -look at Karen’s awesome canvas on the top right and then we explored the possibilities of making your own glazes and playing with layers, translucency and colors in collages.


We used Ceramic Stucco, Super Heavy Gesso, Natural Sand played with different Transfer Techniques and it was fun to see how all these little techniques and informations sparked a load of creative ideas for future work and exploration in the heads of my wonderful smiling students.


Lastly we did a bit spray painting with Liquitex Spray Paints in the end to cool down outside  .



To finish the workshop off I asked everyone what their favorite Acrylic was and which techniques. I was happy to hear that about everything was mentioned at least once with some clear winners on the Liquitex String Gel, Liquitex Super Heavy Gesso and the Liquitex Gel Medium & Varnish and for the techniques Glazing, Texture Creating and Painting with Newspapers 


thank you girls for such an amazing and fun workshop day . An extra thank you to Linda Brun from Norway who was on vacation in NYC and when she heard I was giving a class signed up. This really touched me especially since she has taken a couple workshops with me in Paris, Belgium and Norway already…so she totally knew what she got herself into ;) Thank you for spending your vacation day with me!!!


I wish you a gorgeous and creative day





Standing Strong Canvas or… Blog Hop with Dina Wakley

Written by Nathalie Kalbach. Posted in Altered Art

Dina Blog Hop Graphic


I am very proud of and happy for my friend Dina Wakley who just launched her own signature line of acrylic paints with Ranger. So when she asked me if I would participate in a blog hop and show some work using her paints, I said of course yes.


I had planned on doing a canvas on the Flatiron Building in NYC – as many others I find it highly intriguing – the more as I learned through the PBS show “Treasures of New York” about it’s history.



The name “Standing Strong” is the name my artist friend Tanya Watts Wedhorn gave it after I posted a sneak on my Facebook page and asked people to help me with a name. She is fighting returning cancer and what she said really touched and resonated with me„I remember seeing this building when visiting New York and it just seemed like a building that has really had to stand it’s grounds in a quick growing and changing city. It reminds me of strength and not changing for anything or anyone. So my title would be Standing Strong! Xxx“ Stand Strong Tanya – Lot’s of Love!!


I had fun painting with Dina’s paints, and using her brushes and the Gesso and Gel Medium.  Love the colors she included in her line- I used almost all colors she sent me.


Check out the other, super amazing Mixed Media artists that are participating in this blog hop today – and be sure to not miss the giveaway of two complete sets of the paints on Dina’s Blog:

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Hope you enjoy the artwork created with Dina’s new line!

Have a gorgeous day









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