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Art Stroll: Picasso Sculpture at MoMA

Written by Nathalie Kalbach. Posted in Art Stroll


Disclaimer: This post includes artwork with abstract or not so abstract nudity – it is not called Sodom and Gomorrah – it is called ART . If you have a problem with art, all I can say ” so sorry for you!” . Don’t email me to complain, don’t visit my blog anymore because I might post things like this again and, farewell!

For a couple weeks now Picasso Sculpture is on view at MoMA (until February 7th, 2016). It is AMAZING! I have been there four times and I really hope I can sneak in a fifth time. The work shown was created between 1902 and 1964. Every time I go, I am entranced by something else. The scope of Picasso’s work and the range of materials he used in his sculptures is just mind-blowing.


Kalbach Picasso 06

– Guitar, Paris, 1924. Painted sheet metal, painted tin box, and iron wire. –

Kalbach Picasso 05

– Violin and Bottle on a Table, Paris 1915 –

Kalbach Picasso 07

– Violin Paris 1915 – Painted sheet metal and iron wire.

All those sculptures make me feel as if Picasso Paintings came alive in a 3D installation  – so brilliant!

Kalbach Picasso 10

Bust of a Woman, Boisgeloup 1931 . Plaster.

Kalbach Picasso 11

Head of a Woman, Boisgeloup 1932. Plaster

Kalbach Picasso 26

Head of a Warrior, Boisgeloup 1933 . Plaster, metal and wood.

This somehow made me think of a cartoon and smile- there is so much fun and joy and many puns in Picasso’s sculptures.

Kalbach Picasso 16

The Orator, 1933-34, Plaster, stone, and metal dowel

Kalbach Picasso 08

Head of a Woman. Paris 1929-30. Iron, sheet metal, spring and metal colanders.

Again this and the one below made me think of a Bugs Bunny Cartoon . Loving it!

Kalbach Picasso 09

Woman in the Garden, Paris 1929-30. Welded and pained iron.

Kalbach Picasso 14

left: Woman Carrying a Vessel, 1935. Painted pieces of wood, objects, and nails in a cement and wood base.

right: Figure, Mougins, 1938. Painted wood, nails, and screws with string, wire, paintbrush fragments, and push bell hardware on an unfired clay and wood base.

These were probably my favorites in the exhibition. I love the colors, and the materials and how they were put together – and look at the back of the figure!

Kalbach Picasso 15

Again these made me smile. You can almost see how someone who is so creative can never stop playing and transforming anything close by.

Kalbach Picasso 28

Goat. Paris, 1943 – Torn Paper

Kalbach Picasso 29

Death’s Head, Paris, 1943 . Torn and scratched paper.

Kalbach Picasso 18

Head of a Dog, Paris 1943, Torn and burnt napkin

Kalbach Picasso 20

Pregnant Woman, Vallauris, 1950. Plaster with metal armature, wood, ceramic vessel, and pottery jars.


Kalbach Picasso 30

Little Owl, Vallauris, 1951-52. Painted Bronze

Kalbach Picasso 19

Crane, Vallauris, 1951-52. Painted Bronze

Kalbach Picasso 21

Goat Skull and Bottle, Vallauris, 1951. Painted Bronze


Kalbach Picasso 13

Cock, Boisgeloup, 1932, Bronze

Kalbach Picasso 31

She-Goat, Vallauris, 1950, Bronze


Kalbach Picasso 22

Woman with a Baby Carriage, Vallauris, 1950-54 . Bronze

Kalbach Picasso 23

The Bathers – two times I was there, I saw a group of kids. They loved loved loved this – they recognized the faces and arms right away and they were totally entranced by the installation.

Kalbach Picasso 24

The Bathers: Man with Folded Hands ; Fountain Man; Woman with Outstretched Arms – Cannes 1956 – Wood

Kalbach Picasso 27

Baboon and Young, Vallauris, 1951, Bronze

Come on …this makes me laugh – this is awesome!!!! a car as the monkey head? I will never be able to look at a toy car again and not think of this!

Kalbach Picasso 25

Bull, Cannes 1958 – Block board, palm frond, and various other tree branches, eyebolt, nails and screws, with drips of alkyd and pencil markings.

Kalbach Picasso 32

Maquette for Richard J. Daley Center Sculpture, 1964. Simulated and oxidized welded steel

Kalbach Picasso 01

Woman with Hat,Cannes 1961. Painted sheet metal

Kalbach Picasso 02

Head of a Woman, Mougins, 1962. Painted sheet metal and iron wire.

Kalbach Picasso 03

Little Horse, Vallauris, 1961. Painted metal with wheels.

Kalbach Picasso 04

Sylvette, Vallauris 1954. Painted sheet metal.

What struck me the most was really how Picasso constantly changed his medium, his style and just totally indulged into the next and explored it, made it new and exciting! Looking at all the different work I felt super inspired and couldn’t wait to go home into my studio. Furthermore, I told people I took to the exhibition that this is exhibition feels like a therapy – it makes you happy and smile and just leaving in a very good mood. Yes- not the most art criticy en vogue thing to say, but you know…I think Pablo would have approved 😉

If you are anywhere near NYC and can make it before February 7th, 2016 to MoMA – RUN! Do it – don’t wait!

Hope you enjoyed the little art stroll!




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  • Profile photo of Mary B

    Mary B


    Thank you for sharing. Very fun and interesting.


  • Sue Clarke


    Pregnant Woman and Woman with a Carriage jumped out at me for some reason and NO I am not planning to have another baby.
    Thanks for posting these delightful photos!


    • Profile photo of Nathalie Kalbach

      Nathalie Kalbach


      fun, right? I love those too. Thanks for coming by Sue!


  • Marsha




  • Profile photo of Denise



    I love love love this post. Your descriptions, photos, discussion right on spot. I could not agree more. I love the car face too. I kept looking at it before I read your comments. Just like your walks through the hood. I love reading your thoughts. Also loved your disclaimers! So glad to follow you and attend jump start. I am always smiling, learning and inspired. I am leaving this post with a big smile.


    • Profile photo of Nathalie Kalbach

      Nathalie Kalbach


      so glad to have you Denise! Happy I made you smile! huge hugs,Nat


  • Jane LaFazio


    Thank you for the fascinating visit to the exhibition. I recently saw an exhibit of Picassco’s lithographs and block prints that was also fabulous. What a rich original imaginative body of work. I feel I have much more to learn about his work. Thanks Nat!


    • Profile photo of Nathalie Kalbach

      Nathalie Kalbach


      thank you Jane, glad you liked it. I wish I could have seen the exhibition you saw, that sounds so interesting!


  • Mary W


    Thank you for the guided tour. It was fun to walk through with you and your ideas! That is the best part of art – sharing and evolving. Also, I won’t be able to look at my grandson’s cars without laughing now. Fun stroll.


    • Profile photo of Nathalie Kalbach

      Nathalie Kalbach


      I am glad you enjoyed it Mary! I agree sharing and evolving is the best part- how fortunate we are to live in a time like this where the internet can bring us all together and make it possible to share.


  • Profile photo of MichelleWard



    Wow! What a great show! Thanks for sharing all the details. I feel like I’ve been there. Love those first few….1915. Amazing. What a visionary. Love your enthusiasm for Picasso – thanks for taking us along.


    • Profile photo of Nathalie Kalbach

      Nathalie Kalbach


      Michelle, you would love to go- come and go with me before it closes :)
      I take you in! My treat!


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Mixed Media “Printmaking” : Upcoming Class at Pratt SCPS December 13,2015

Written by Nathalie Kalbach. Posted in Mixed Media Workshop, Workshop Schedule

Sign up for my Mixed Media “Printmaking” Class December 13, Workshop at Pratt School of Continuing and Professional Studies, Manhattan Campus, NYC, USA – it is going to be heaps of fun!


Registration is open here or better yet call 855.551.7727 at Pratt to registrate. I hope to see you there!!!




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  • Peggy


    Interested in calendar…I live in Colorado. Email to you didn’t work.


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Color Your City Event – Winsor & Newton Pigment Marker

Written by Nathalie Kalbach. Posted in The Traveling Artist

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 4.34.53 PM

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to attend an event by Winsor & Newton for the launch of their new Pigment Marker. Since all colorful new art supplies attract me like shiny objects the magpie – I was super excited to go with my friend Kim.


The event took place at the Society of Illustrators in NYC. Several wonderful and well known illustrators were showcased with their work using the new Pigment Markers and even did some life drawing. Will Broome did these adorable figures.


The images below by Thomas Cian were my favorite – I love the collage like effect he draw – sooo cool!




I also loved these by Katie Rodgers – the colors and the beautiful little specks that add some texture <3 – she uses sometimes glitter or gesso or other media on top of the Pigment Marker or Watercolor when she illustrates.



I loved that we were able to play with the new Pigment Markers. Here is Kim giving them a try. She and I totally loved the white and clear blender Pigment Marker which give a huge possibility while drawing – creating nice tints and blending colors together. The talent around us was amazing … you could definitely tell who was there for the food and drinks and who was there for playing and seeing some beautiful illustrations 😉




Mara Louise Cespon did the one below- gorgeous color and swwooooonnnnn, so inspiring – and I think above (I apologize if not)


I will show you soon how I played a bit with my new sets of Pigment Markers even though they are not acrylics (psshhhh don’t tell anyone 😉 ) – they are wonderful especially on more glossy paper – think of awesome possibilities with coloring stamped images!


It was a fun, colorful and sparking event!



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