Claiming the Creative Birthright

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CREATE New Jersey is about to start in a couple days, and you can still sign up. I was pretty stoked that I was interviewed for an article in the New Jersey Courier News about this event- the article will come out today in print- but you can also read it online



This article gives a great sense of what to expect and what this is about. And as I said -you can still sign up for some of mine and also for most of the other amazing workshops by awesome workshop teachers. I for one will be taking two workshops too and I am so excited about this :)

Here is a short overview about what my workshops are about:

Texture Heaven Art Journal – Thursday Evening:

Create wonderful texture pages with monoprinting, stenciling and stamping techniques, encrust them with different Embossing Media and bind them together in a beautiful tactile art journal.






It is All About Layers: Art Journal Class – Friday whole day

Create depth and dimension by adding several layers with different paint and other media to achieve intriguing art journal pages. Learn about different media and playfully explore how to express yourself in your art journal. It’s all about the layers—so come and join us!





Texture Galore Canvas – Saturday Evening

In this workshop you will create a stunning and unique canvas that will be a wonderful home decor item. Learn how to create dimension and texture with tissue paper, items of daily life, acrylic paint, lace, burlap, and gesso. Learn how to reveal the interesting and eye-catching texture with acrylic paints, art bars and acrylic inks and add some fun stamping techniques on top.




May I be so cheesy and quote myself from the article ;)  : “Many people think they aren’t creative, but creativity is a birthright,” Kalbach said. “Events like this help us find this ability again, and instill a sense of pride and accomplishment. Don’t be afraid — you can do it.”

Come and join us :) – and if this event isn’t close to you …check out the other locations – I will be at CREATE SEATTLE and DALLAS too.

Have a wonderful day and …don’t forget to exercise your creative birthright today ;)




Photos of the Acrylics Demystified Workshop

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It was such a great and fun day teaching my Acrylics Demystified Workshop for The Ink Pad in New York City. As with most of the bigger group workshops it took place at the Westbeth Community Room which is the perfect location for those kind of workshops- huge space, lot’s of light, outdoor space and a little kitchen included.


We talked a lot about Liquitex Acrylic Paints and Acrylic Inks and Markers. About art supply labeling and the main groups in acrylics.  And then started playful by pooling, puddling and stringing with Liquitex Pouring Medium and String Gel. I showed how to make acrylic skins and demonstrated several possibilities of using them. Perfect way to get over the White Canvas Horror :)



Then we sculptured our way up using Liquitex Flexible Modeling Paste -look at Karen’s awesome canvas on the top right and then we explored the possibilities of making your own glazes and playing with layers, translucency and colors in collages.


We used Ceramic Stucco, Super Heavy Gesso, Natural Sand played with different Transfer Techniques and it was fun to see how all these little techniques and informations sparked a load of creative ideas for future work and exploration in the heads of my wonderful smiling students.


Lastly we did a bit spray painting with Liquitex Spray Paints in the end to cool down outside  .



To finish the workshop off I asked everyone what their favorite Acrylic was and which techniques. I was happy to hear that about everything was mentioned at least once with some clear winners on the Liquitex String Gel, Liquitex Super Heavy Gesso and the Liquitex Gel Medium & Varnish and for the techniques Glazing, Texture Creating and Painting with Newspapers 


thank you girls for such an amazing and fun workshop day . An extra thank you to Linda Brun from Norway who was on vacation in NYC and when she heard I was giving a class signed up. This really touched me especially since she has taken a couple workshops with me in Paris, Belgium and Norway already…so she totally knew what she got herself into ;) Thank you for spending your vacation day with me!!!


I wish you a gorgeous and creative day





Photos of my Workshops at the Baltic Sea in Germany

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Einfaches CMYK

It was such a fun trip to Germany and see friends and family but mainly to teach again at the Ostsee Scrap Event in Boltenhagen at the Baltic Sea. Just as last year it was a really intimate and gorgeous 3-Day event with round about 25 wonderful students located in a holiday village with a 2 minutes walk to the beach.

I had a blast. Thank you to all my students for coming and being open to try new things and dive right into paints – you rocked it :) Also thank you to Daniela for another amazing event – as last year I had a great time and the organization was exceptionally well done. And last but not least: Thank you to Liquitex for supporting the event and my workshops with wonderful materials – it is not a secret that their products are very dear to my heart and that they make it a breeze to get the results you are going for in your art work!


Since my students were mostly scrapbookers and a lot of them were dabbling for the first time into Mixed Media, I made sure they understand the essential message of this weekend …which somehow they really took to heart – LOL. They took this photo of me (thank you Sandra!) “It is not your life, it is just paper!” so overcome your fear of trying things and if they do not work as you want them , so what?- get over it! ;)


We started with a fun mono printing workshop, adding loads of texture and layers and just to loosen up :)



and soon the whole room was covered every where with prints and papers and booklets and they liked just playing and trying new things.



Here is Dani the wonderful organizer, who also made sure we would eat loads of yummie German food in between…oh man I filled up on sausages and German cake- LOL…I guess I missed that ;)


Next up was a canvas workshop – here is another photo collage I stole from Sandra :)


We used mostly Acrylic Paints and Acrylic Inks by Liquitex to get a nice background and then worked with my Stampendous Stamps and found objects on top of it.













It was so much fun to see them play with different colors and motifs and incorporating my stamps in different ways. Pure bliss and I heard some canvases are already hanging on walls :) Here is a group photo


In between I was able to dip my toes into the Baltic Sea with Andrea Gomoll and Janna Werner, who also taught there. Melanie Hoch was somewhere…she was another wonderful teacher at the event and kept hiding from us ;) just kidding ;) It was wonderful to spent some time with all three of them – I find it always super special to meet other creative teachers and exchange thoughts and support each other.





The last workshop I taught was an art journal technique workshop and the girls were ready for it on the last day :)





We used a lot Acrylic Paints and Acrylic Markers Markers as well as my Stencils by StencilGirl Products and my Stamps by Stampendous.










that was it…if you made it with all the pictures till here…you need a break and should do some art ;)

Have a gorgeous day









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