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Keep your eyes on the stars !


“Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground” – what a wonderful advice this is. Truly something to follow :)


For this art journal spread I used some gesso to blend over the background which was colored from some scrape off paint from other painting sessions. I stamped over the background with the Grunge Stamp set and stenciled with the Batik Stencil to add some pattern and tie everything more together.


I applied some crackle paste through the Toledo 4×4 Stencil, let it dry and then lightly spread some purple ink over the crackled areas.


I added the journaling with a black marker, overwrote it with a white marker and painted over a magazine image to finish the page up.

Here is a list of the supplies that I used for the page -some links are affiliate links:


I hope you enjoyed the page and have your eyes on the stars and actually reach them  :)

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Art Journal: The Wand Chooses The Wizard


“Honey, just remember: the wand chooses the wizard” – what a fun quote.


I painted the background in different purple tones and shades with acrylic paint and then used the Santiago 9×12 Stencil on top with some grey and also some purple.


I used acrylic markers on top of a magazine image and added some detail with a black pen and a pencil.


Love the worn painted look and the stencil gave it a lot of dimension.

Here are the supplies I used for this art journal spread- some are affiliate links:


Hope you are wearing a great wand this week :)

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Art Journaling Live 3 – DVD and Download


In June, I went to Arlington, Texas to teach together with MaryBeth Shaw, Jodi Ohl and Gina Rossi Armfield an Art Journaling Live Class which was recorded and is now available as 2 DVDs in my shop and also as a Download from the North Light Shop.

The cool thing is that you get four teachers and four art journaling classes in one. Here is the sneak of my part of the class – I was first up early in the morning:

Hope you enjoy it!

Happy Art Journaling my friends

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  • Joi@RR


    Oh my stars – what a FABULOUS FOUR you had to have been Nat! Your students must have been on cloud nine. Good you got to go first and then enjoy the rest of the day too! Thanks bunches for the wonderful video sneak peak. LOVE it. Xj.


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      Thank you Joi, yeah the nervous feeling of the morning was worth it being able to just relax and play along with the other three classes later :) Nat


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You and I or … In My Art Journal Today


“You and I are more than just friends…We are like a really small gang”

Don’t you feel sometimes like this with your bestie? I had a  great time playing with my new Toledo 9×12 Stencil.


love working with this stencil – it is delicate and yet has some impact


I used the stencil on a painted background and spray painted in blue on top of it. The magazine images were painted with acrylic markers and pens.


Here is a short list of what I used – note some links are affiliate links:


I hope you have  wonderful start into the week!

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  • Joi@RR


    Love the variety of colors in the design made with your toledo stamp Nat and good lookin guys too!! YES – great way to start the week – thanks bunches!! Xj.


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Sorry Not Sorry or … In my Art Journal Today


“I’m sorry for the things, I said when it was winter”

I am just preparing myself for the winter ….I am a grumpy winter person – LOL .

For this art journal spread I used my brand new Buenos Aires 9×12 Stencil.


I really love this stencil – I mean …I love them all but this one is probably one of my super faves. For the spread I had scraped off left over red and yellow paint to the background during a workshop and it really wasn’t looking too great. I added some stamping with black ink and while that was looking interesting it still wasn’t really inspiring me to do something. But when I saw my new stencil I know it would look great.


I used some blue acrylic paint spray (you can of course also use acrylic paint) and sprayed over the stencil I love how the red and yellow as well as the intricate stamping is peeking through.


Finished off with an overpainted magazine image and a grumpy quote and there you go …winter can come ;)

Here is a list of the supplies I used- some of those links are affiliate links:


What is your favorite season of the year?

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  • nancy


    Hi Nat!

    Great page! My favorite season is FALL, especially in New England. The colors are amazing, the crisp air, cozy sweaters, outdoor walks.

    Thanks again for the fabulous class at The Queen’s Ink.



    • Nathalie Kalbach


      Hi Nancy, thank you so much for coming to The Queen’s Ink-that was so much fun! I love fall too- actually I also find the ocean kind of cool in fall – the light is so amazing :) – huge hugs, Nat


  • Sandra


    definitely not winter! I’m with you, Nathalie!


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      LOL – we have to bundle up soon …yikes :) Stay warm, Sandra! hugs, Nat


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All the Colors I am … or In my Art Journal today


“And all the colors I am inside have not been invented yet”

Such a beautiful quote. I played with my brand new StencilGirl Products 4×4 Buenos Aires Stencil


On a pre-painted background I used the stencil with different acrylic paint colors.


Stenciling through the stencil, but sometimes also painting the background, laying the stencil on top and removing the paint through the stencil.


I love the layering effect I got by repeating this over and over


I added the journaling and overpainted a magazine image with acrylic markers.


Here are the supplies I used for this art journal spread – note some links are affiliate links.


Have a wonderful day!

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Actually, I can or … In my Art Journal today


Actually, I can!

Sometimes, when you think things are just not working out and you want to give up, this is a good reminder. As you can see I was in the mood for a grungy art journal spread.


I painted the art journal background background in different red and magenta acrylic paints and stamped a border using the Toledo, Santiago, and Buenos Aires  Foam Stamps and black acrylic paint.

Next, I layered gesso and unbleached titanium and scraped away some parts. Then I stamped with the same foam stamps using the red and magenta colors of the background on top. I stamped mixing different tints and shades with the colors I already used but also incorporated gold and copper in between.


For the middle section of each side of my journal spread, I painted a music sheet with gold and copper acrylic paint, and then stamped using the positive and the negative Stamp of the Versailles set and black paint on top of it.


I tore the music sheet up and pasted it to the spread left and right and added  a couple more layers of stamping and over-painting.


I added some charcoal pencil marks and wrote out the text.


I love the result and the weathered pattern look.


I felt so much better when I was done with this spread  – yeah for art journaling *wink

Here is what I used for the page – some links are affiliate links:

Wishing you a wonderful day and – hey – remember “You actually can!”

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Today is the Day – Michelle Rydell


This Tuesday, Michelle Rydell from my Creative Squad is happy to share with you a gorgeous art journal spread using my new Versailles ArtFoamies and inspired by this month’s theme: “Today is the Day.”  I invite you to join me and my Creative Squad to stop procrastinating and to make today the day you finally tackle that artsy thing you’ve been meaning to get to for so long.  Start that new project you’ve been planning for months.  Try out that new product you bought ages ago.  Experiment with that new technique you read about last year.  Try it!  Today is the Day!


I have seen Art Foamies videos on youtube and always thought they looked like fun. I love their chunky look, and have been especially intrigued by the concept of the “stamp buddy” that comes with each foam stamp!  I was so excited to find out that Nat has a new line of gorgeous Art Foamies stamps! So finally, Today is the day I get to try them out!  I decided to use the Versailles set – I love how the intricate patterns of the two stamps fit together!  Here’s what I did to create my page…

I got out some warm colors of acrylic paint – yellow, pink and orange; and scraped them onto the stamp buddy, with the lightest color in the middle and the darker colors radiating outward. At first I used a credit card, but then decided it would be more fun to use my fingers – ha…



I pressed the stamp into the stamp buddy to distribute the paint, and stamped it onto my art journal spread. WOW it looked gorgeous!  I was so excited to see how the colors created an ombre effect!


I decided to cover the whole page with this stamp, and I did not have to re-ink the stamp buddy at all!  That thing really holds a lot of paint!!! When I was done it reminded me of a tiled wall.  I almost didn’t want to do anything else to it!


I decided to repeat the ombre effect with the second stamp in the set; only this time use all cool colors, and instead of having the lightest color in the middle, I put the darkest.


I stamped the second stamp onto my page and actually said EEK out loud – it looked so pretty!  I LOVE how the images fit so easily together.  This is truly a new experience in stamping!



I wanted to cover up the blank edges of the page, so I decided to paint a black, cloud-like frame to make the colors pop even more.  At that point I just stared at the pattern for a minute, to see what I could see… and out came a flower!  I used part of the pattern for a colorful center, and drew and colored the petals and stem with paint pens. After that I realized that I needed to differentiate the flower from the background a little more, so I added a magenta glaze to the background.  You can just see the beginnings of that behind the bottom left few petals in this photo…


And here is my finished page.  I finished glazing the background, did some doodling in the black frame area, and added a quote with a white paint pen…


I love the super juicy background that Michelle created by using both the positive and negative Versailles stamps together!  And the whole thing really pops with that cute black and white frame around it.  Here are the supplies Michelle used – note that some of the links are affiliation links:


Maybe you will even play along with us -I would love to see how you interpret our monthly themes. Email me how you used my stencils and stamps with the theme and email me an image – I would love to share your projects in my next “n*Spiration From Around the Globe“.

See you next Tuesday for another project from the Creative Squad!


Comments (10)

  • Julie Tucker


    This is GORGEOUS! LOVING how you created that background!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Kathy P


    Totally awsome—I love it!!!! So colorful, cool design!


  • Sue Clarke


    I really enjoyed seeing how the pages progressed and ended up with such a colorful, full two pages of pattern. Delightful!


  • Kandy Gordecki


    So creative! You amaze me how your ideas just keep coming!


  • Marit


    I love how you explain every step and thought along the way from beginning to end… awesome post Michelle!


  • Kim


    This is just a stunning page … big fan of Julie’s ArtFoamies, so the product is wonderful, but this takes it to a whole new level with the negative stamp included as a set, WOW. Always love seeing your work … thanks for sharing!


  • Meg


    Michelle, this is gorgeous!!! ❤️


  • Jessica Sporn


    This is just beautiful. I love Nat’s foams and what you created with them. Gorgeous.


  • Cindy


    Always love your work, Michelle … so colorful and bold, and happy!


  • Dee Spillane


    Wow! This is wonderful. Fantastic stamps with great color yay!


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Yes to all or … In my Art Journal today


Make something, be creative, be fun, wild, original, imaginative….etc ….YES to all

So much fun to play a bit in my art journal using the new ArtFoamies Batik Stamps 1, 2, 3 and 4


I painted the background and then rolled out two different color next to each other with a brayer- so half the brayer was covered in cobalt turquoise and the other half in unbleached titanium and applied the brayer to the stamps


and just went with it. Loved the two colored patterns and the texture this created.


It tied the background and collaged paper snippets together. The text on the kraft paper is actually from a paper bag.


I overpainted a magazine image with the same colors using a small brush and then went over with a soft pencil.


It was a quick and fun art journal page – a much needed creative time after a bit of a long stretch working on a computer.

Here are some of the supplies I used for this spread – note that some links are affiliate links


Hope you have a wonderful day full of happy YES :)

Comments (2)

  • Kathy P


    Awesome journal pages, Nat—& I love those bold new stamps!


  • Sherri Scott


    Dear Nathhalie
    I wanted to tell you I had the best weekend ever when you where at the Ink Pad. Thank you


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