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Good Vibes Only Painting

This painting is inspired by my strolls through the hood. 

The back of this brick apartment building has this gorgeous colorful Mural by Zeh Palito – He called it Good Vibes Only and that is exactly what this mural oozes into the neighborhood.

The painting was created with spray paint, markers, acrylic paint, gouache, and stencils on canvas. and measures 10″x10″ on extra deep 1.5″ canvas. It is available for sale now here.

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Push & Pull Mini Painting

Another Painting with the same theme that I did at the same time as the bigger canvas here

This painting is on a 8×8 Canvas board – and I loved exploring different line qualities along with different stencil work as well.

I was inspired by my Strolls through the Hood in Jersey City for this little mixed media painting. This historic area and some of its beautiful vintage homes are undergoing the familiar transformations caused by gentrification.

Here I was trying to capture this transition in action with a looming visage of victorian architecture, wearing with age but still proudly dominating the landscape.

This painting is now also available in my store here. I would love to have someone give it a new home :) 

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  • Sue Clarke


    Gorgeous but out of stock already.
    Sad for me but happy for the person who bought it!


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      Awe- Sue! It went super quick but hey- hopefully one of my future paintings will catch your eye- I am making more time for painting this year for sure :)


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Push & Pull – Painting

This victorian building in my new neighborhood has seen quite some changes.

The push and pull of old and new keep fascinating me and expressed this through color and pattern and the layers to recount this story of change.

What could this building tell?

Push & Pull is made with stencils, stamps, spray paint, acrylic paint, and markers on 10″x10″ on extra deep 1.5” canvas.

It is available for sale in the store here and is looking for a new home :)

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  • gunvor


    This is a fabulous piece of art! The background looks like fire works


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Worship – Painting

This painting is inspired by a beautiful wood church in my neighborhood. 

I just recently was inside the church as it also showed some artwork of local artists during the Jersey City Art and Studio tour.

I am not easily taken by church buildings anymore …don’t get me wrong, but as a European I have had my share of stunning and OLD churches- but this one is breathtaking and unique – I had to paint it.

I used Acrylic paints, Markers, charcoal, oil pastels for this painting. I am right now painting a series of paintings inspired by my Strolls through the Hood – and I am having a lot of fun with it. 

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Small World Painting

Today I wanted to share with you my first painting I made in my new studio and on my new easel. As I love our old 1884 house and we did a lot of research into the history of the house, I knew I wanted to paint it.

I was especially fascinated by the different people who lived in this house – for example one family lived in this house for 50 years but also finding old pictures that show some of the changes of the house ….there once was a stoop ! (I am totally for bringing back the stoop!)

I always found it fascinating to think of the stories that an old house could tell about the live of ordinary people. BTW one of a longtime tenants of the house lived in my studio and was a printmaker in NYC …that makes me feel there are special artsy vibes in my studio LOL.

For the painting I carved some stamps of architectural elements – like the cornice, windows and the architectural terracotta tiles that decorate our brick facade.

I loved playing with painting, stamping and stenciling.

As always I was building up a lot of layers – for me it is like the patina that is added throughout the years of stories contained in the building.

And then I hung it in the entry way of my studio on the brick wall – that was a ton of fun to paint.

As for the wall easel – I love it – it is so cool to have that much space and be able to do two paintings at once – not that I have done that yet …but we shall see as next I want to do some smaller paintings. Hope you enjoyed seeing the progress and details of my new painting.

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  • Heidi de Quincey


    Brilliant dear girl x


  • JoAnn


    Lovely story and painting. Enjoy your new home🌿


  • Kathy


    So beautiful!!


  • Pam Hansen


    Super cool Nathalie. I hope 2020 brings you lots of happiness in your new home and prosperity in your business. ❤️


  • Tracy


    I love it!


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Winter Village – Painting

Close by my hood is an area  of Jersey City called “The Village”. It used to be Jersey City’s own Little Italy and it still has some old Italian Mom and Pop Stores and Restaurants.

I love the mural by Beau Stanton on one of the Buildings which depicts some of the landmarks of Jersey City.

It is one of those weird things where a mural that is created with landmarks creates a landmark.

I am really into the colors I used this time – I already started another canvas with the same yellow gold sienna color for the background …let’s see :)

You can find this painting for sale here in my shop.

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Sydney Opera House Painting


I was lucky to be invited twice to teach in Australia and I have fond memories of Sydney. The first time I went to Sydney we were able to get some tickets to a Herbie Hancock concert in the opera – the very last seats in the back …the sound was good..Herbie was a tiny ant- but it was pretty cool :) Australia is fascinating and a real Artful Adventure – for this painting I used an Australian Dictionary for the background, made a stamp with gum tree nuts and also used actual gum tree nuts. The painting is part of the travel chapter in my book Artful Adventures in Mixed Media. Maybe some day I will be back but until then this painting is my little Australia at home :)

Acrylic paint, ink, marker, charcoal, paper ephemera, gum tree nuts on canvas 9×12 -Available for Purchase – email me if interested .


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Tacheles – Mixed Media Painting

Tacheles” is a painting that is also in my book “Artful Adventures in Mixed Media”  . I used acrylic paint, acrylic ink, spray paint, and marker on canvas. It was inspired by Kunsthaus Tacheles in Berlin, a former department store built in 1907, owned by different groups and parties during WWII and East Germany, and finally from 1990 to 2012, rescued from being demolished by artists and turned into a gallery. The artists were forced to move out and the building remains empty at this time, but the histories and stories of this old building live on. My painting asks many questions: Who lived here? What happened in those building? What stories do they tell us?

It is now available for sale here.

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This Too Shall Pass – Painting

Just finished this painting last week. This scene is inspired by the scene upon exiting the Grove Street PATH train station in my Jersey City hood.

Tidy rows of shops and apartment buildings set the stage for a massive Shepard Fairey mural titled “The Jersey City Wave”, striking a pose above the bustle of the town.

The meaning of the subject and title is up to the viewer to decide.

I used acrylic paint, ink, marker and graphite on this 10″x8″ canvas. “This too shall pass” is available  here and would love to find a loving home.


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