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Where You Find Light – Art Journal

Here is a another art journal spread using the hand carved stamp I showed in my Creative JumpStart 2019 class video ( you can still join us if you want – lots of fun tutorials). Here I inked it up with black archival ink

and used it cut apart as shown in the tutorial. I also used it with my RubberMoon Rubberstamps – I love the mix of hand carved and hand sketched next to each other.

I painted the stamped images and the background in with acrylic inks and acrylic gouache and added the journaling with a white sharpie. Love how the colors glow.

Here are some of the supplies I used for this spread:

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At the Corner of Good and Bad – Art Journal

I had a lot of fun with this spread. I carved a big stamp of a building close by here in Jersey City with a mural by Shepard Fairey and used it for bags I made for the holiday market. But then of course I also wanted to use it in my journal.

I printed on a page that I had previously used as a “clean up” page and then painted over the tamped images with acrylic paints.

I added some hand drawn imagery and some of my Stamps as well

I love the contrast of very clean and fine line stamps and then the bold hand carved stamp. And all the texture – actual and optical that I created with brushstrokes, and spray paints.

That was fun :)

Here are some of the supplies besides Acrylic Paints I used for this spread:

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1,2,3 Easy Peasy Quick Holiday Cards

I love handmade holiday cards but let’s face it – it is tough at this time of the year to spend a ton of time to make them.

So, when I designed the Circle Jumble Rubber Stamps I wanted to make sure they are versatile and can be used all year long but added a little topper for the circles that can either be used on it’s own or for exactly what I did here. Create little holiday ornaments :)

I love how the tiny ones with the Small Circle Jumble Set turned out  in black and white

But I am also in love with the Large Circle Jumble Cards


Look I sneaked a little colorful one in here :)

Here are the supplies I used for these cards:

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Cards Galore

I am a card making machine ;) For the Birthday Card above I used the Grove St. rubberstamp from the Large Circle Jumble Stamp set for the middle. Then I used the toper stamp from the same set and its smaller sibling from the Small Circle Jumble Set to create a border. I really love those toper stamps, I used them all the time for pattern and mark making as well as for borders.

Some easy note cards – with the Small Circle Jumble Set.

And I really love the black and white – kinda grungy but yet elegant …well …Nat Elegance ;)

Here are the supplies I used for making this cards

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Jumble Cards

These are some cards I made using with Large Circle Jumble Stamp Set and my Small Circle Jumble Stamp Set.

I loved using the two “hanger” stamps from both sets for the border on the left. For the right card actually used a round gel plate and some inks and stamped the little circles onto it and then used the plate as a stamp.

I love playing with stamp sets and making cards, it is a great way to explore the possibilities of sets.

Which of the three cards is your favorite?

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  • Rosie Grey


    Such beautiful cards! I love the “You rock”card on the right the most 🙂


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Ungrounded – Art Journal

Just another day floating around, felling ungrounded ….


Using my new Grove Street Stencil and a RubberMoon Inkpad – sometimes just using the middle of the circle to create the background.

I think playing on this spread grounded me a bit that day ;)

Here are some of the supplies I used:

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Actually I can – Cards

I made some cards using my new Actually I can Rubberstamp set.

I used some Derwent pencils to color in the stamped images and then blended some areas with a wet brush together.

Fun, quick and now I cannot wait to send those out :)

Here are some of the supplies I used:

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  • Rebecca


    Love these stamps, got mine this week!


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Be Positive – Art Journal

“Be positive, patient and persistent”

I used my new Maiko Stamp from the Actually I Can Rubber Stamp Set and stamped it on a piece of painted and stamped deli paper. Then I cut it out and pasted it to the background with fluid medium. It is such a fun and easy way to add a colorful focal point to an art journal spread.

For the background I used my Clam Hex Foam Stamp and rolled with a brayer different green tones on top and then created a pattern.

And last but not least I also added the “Actually, I can ! ” Stamp from the set with the same name .)

Here are some of the supplies I used besides the acrylic paints:

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Thinking in Circles- Art Journal

Thinking in Circles- ughhhh -…LOL. But I had fun making this art journal spread using some of my new and old Rubberstamps.


I stamped the background texture with the Torn Layers Stamp from my Cardboard set and then stamped on top in red with the positive and negative Circle Drive Stamp from my Large and Small Circle Jumble Set.

I stamped Millie from the Actually I can set on top of a piece of deli paper on which as you can see, I had stamped before and also used some left over paint on. I do that a lot and use the deli paper as collage elements. I cut out the image and then adhered it to the spread with gel medium using a layer underneath and on top of the deli paper to totally fuse it into the background.

Added some journaling and to brighten things a bit up I added some yellow to the blouse with a marker as well as some sprinkles by taping on the marker.

This was fun. You can find my rubberstamps in my store – and here are some of the supplies I used for this spread:

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  • Jill


    Circles are totally my thing too! I love them! I think I pretty much use them in everything I do. I love what you did with yours. Thanks for the constant inspiration!


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      thank you so much Jill! Yeah circles are so versatile and fun – hand drawn, stamped, stenciled …ha I love them all :)


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