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Don’t Judge – Art Journal

“Do not judge my story by the chapter you walked in on ”

Love the quote. So true!

For this art journal spread I combined a sketch of the flat iron building with some of my urban building stamps. I painted parts of them in the same color to make them look more cohesive.

For the collaged woman, I used a print of one of my paintings -unfortunately I chose a too dark print and the lines of my sketch get a bit lost here. I stamped on top of deli paper and mounted it on the print. I like the look. but again – I need to use light ink on dark backgrounds in order to make this work :)

Here are some of the supplies I used for this spread:

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If you Stumble… Art Journal

“If you stumble, make it part of the dance”. I feel I do this a lot, especially when I create – it is freeing ;)

I had so much fun with this spread. For an assignment I had to paint a floral watercolor painting and I had tons of drafts and I felt it would be a good idea to use them up.

So I made the watercolor paper part of a collage for my art journal. I  sketched the lower part of a body with some ink and stamped over with some of my Stroll Through the Hood and Stroll around the Block stamps. I actually like those pants- LOL. In the 80s you would have not gotten into such pants but now I might reconsider ;) Would you wear them?

The watercolor paper collage is a bit too sturdy for the journal but I can live with that. It felt good to use those drafts up elsewhere instead of just throwing them into the bin.

I also painted some flowers directly onto the paper using acrylic paints and inks and Flow Aid to give it a watercolor effect.

For the journaling I started out writing with graphite and then went over it with a small brush and black ink. It is a great way to do brush lettering even though it is cheated – I can live with that ;) I really liked this- need to repeat, maybe a dress?

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  • Deb


    Really liked this journal layout. Such a different style and different color palette for you. Liked the open white space on this particular layout. Overall a fun and refreshing layout. I like the pants too! Who knows maybe it will be all the rage. Natalie K clothes.


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      thank you so much Deb! Ha that would be fun to have a fashion line :)


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(self-)Respect – Art Journal

I am so excited- LOL- Hold your horses! This is the very first year in seven years, I actually started to play along with Creative JumpStart– usually there is just too much going on on the administrative side of organizing the workshop, traveling to teach and with CHA/Creativation that I just cannot play along. But ha – this year I am in! This art journal spread was inspired by the first video with Mystele in CJS18 – wow- she rocked that video. I used some of her ideas to jumpstart my own page and then went for it.

Mystele painted a gorgeous face – I used a hand carved stamp – see you can do whatever you want with those videos (get inspired by the technique, the material, the way the artist use things, the look, the colors…nameless options) but they do totally feed you if you are just willing to play- and Oh and I am willing this year ;)

My word for 2018 is (self-) Respect – and so it was a good page to do !

Are you in for Creative JumpStart 2018? If not you can still join – check it out !

Give yourself the permission to play!


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  • Sue


    Wow, I love the colours, and energy from this page.. and LOVE that hand carved face!


  • Cath


    To quote you “love love love” that you are finding time and space to JUMP as well :-)


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Forward? Collage

1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back = 2017

A lot of things going through my mind lately- how far have we come …how far do we step back in this time and age?

I created this canvas board based on an inspiration photo I took for the “Stroll Through The Hood Challenge” .

You can see a free video  on how I created the page and my thought process while doing it in the classroom accompanying the challenge if you haven’t yet. You can sign up here

I loved playing with some collage materials that I have had in my drawers for a while and creating texture and fake rust.

I also had the photo for a long time and I was happy to finally use it.

Hope you are well and have a wonderful day!

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  • Sue Clarke


    I love that you used a viewmaster “disc” and the message is appropriate for these days.


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Powerful Vision – Art Journal Spread

When I close my eyes my vision is even more powerful.

In this art journal spread I played with different collage elements from photos I printed out, images I found in magazines, advertising and paintings by other artists.

I layered stamps and stencils and I love how everything came together.

Here is a little list of some of the supplies I used- some are affiliate links:

Have a wonderful day <3

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  • Tina Walker


    I really love this Nat! The colors, the composition, the design! ♥


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Photos of my Workshops at A Work of Heart in San Jose, CA

Last week, after attending the Creativation Show, I flew to San Jose and taught three classes there at  A Work of Heart

I stayed in a lovely little pool house and this was my view out of my room. I wanna come back in the summer :)

My first class was “Walk With Me” an Altered Book class and it was so much fun to see the student’s take on it

HA – I loved how Julie put my business card with me new book cover behind the window of her book cover :) FUN

It was such a sweet and talented group and I was really lucky because I was terribly sick last week. I was helped with medicine, fresh oranges and tea- thank you girls!!

Love the studio space- so much color- so inspiring. Below you see some photos of the “Mixed Media Collage – Play Transform” Class

So much beautiful collage paper was being made – color bliss!

Lots of pattern play too

And then on Wednesday I taught my whole day “Artvergnugen – Art Journal ” Class .


Look at the awesome tile pattern – yum

and heaps of layers were added to create beautiful art journal pages.

And since the weather was brightening up we could even experiment with spray paint out side – now that was super fun!

I think they liked it a lot ;)

Time to add some finishing touches to the pages :)

And slowly all came together – Art Vergnugen …the pleasure of playing in your art journal ;)

Thank you all for a wonderful time- you were truly inspiring and amazing!

And here is my wonderful host Andrea – Thank you so much for having me Andrea, I am looking forward coming back  :)

Do you want to take an In-Person-Class with me ?- here is where you can find me in


Mono Print Painting with Nat Kalbach and Birgit Koopsen at The Ink Pad in NYC


Artful Transfers with Nat Kalbach & Birgit Koopsen at The InkPad in NYC

Color Crush – 3Day Art Journaling Class with Nat Kalbach & Birgit Koopsen at OOAK Artisan Showcase in Syracuse, NY

Check out more workshops this year on my In-Person-Class Page

Have a wonderful day!!!!

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  • Jean Goza


    The workshop was awesome! Learned a lot and had so much fun. Thanks for sharing your photos. So much inspiration and beauty. Looking forward to your next visit to California.


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      Awe- thank you so much for coming Jean- it was so awesome to finally meet you after “meeting you online” . Looking forward to come back :)


  • Julie


    Thank you, Nathalie, for making two days of arting so much fun filled with color, inspiration, and learning what is possible. You are one fabulous talented teacher and tempting me to fly out for your upcoming classes. HA!


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      AWE – thank You Julie! You girls were just so amazing ! I cannot wait to see you again in California or elsewhere :)have a gorgeous weekend!


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Be Happy – ArtFoamies for Clay and Pottery!

I made this piece for the ArtFoamies booth at Creativation (a Craft and Hobby Convention). Additional to my Foam Stamp Designs as you know them, ArtFoamies just released my designs also in a more sturdy and harder foam form so that they can also be used for pottery and clay. What a great excuse to try those and have a play date with  my friend and neighbor Donna Greenberg who is an amazing Polymer Clay Artist. What a lucky ducky I am with such a great teacher! Check her amazing work out!!!

While those stamps work very well with paper clay, Donna showed me that for Polymer Clay I would have to use some softer versions to get a nice impression. I played around with all kinds of fun and new to me stuff. I made impressions directly into the polymer clay, for example here with the Manhattan Foam Stamp for Clay.

I stamped with some liquid polymer clay on top of polymer clay- ohhhh I love this! See the Versailles Stamp on the bottom.

Here are some more varieties of impressions with Versailles and the Batik Stamp.

On the top right you can see the Chicago stamp stamped with liquid Polymer Clay.

I cut the pieces and mounted them with Black Lava onto a board. I totally love all the texture and the outcome. One of my favorite pieces and a big stretch for me working with a material I have never worked with before. You can buy the Clay versions of my stamps directly at ArtFoamies – I carry all the normal Foam Stamps as well :) I cannot wait to play a bit more with those – next up is paper clay.

Are you working with Clay, Polymer Clay or Pottery and would you use those?

Comments (4)

  • Marna


    Excellent! I love working with textures and clay and have used embossed wallpaper with patterns in my pieces. Can you describe how you used the liquid clay?


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      thank you Marna. I used it like paint on top of the foam stamp and stamped with onto the still non baked polymer clay. Then I baked it. Love the visual and actual texture this created and the liquid polymer clay is just slightly sitting on top of the polymer clay piece.


  • Joi


    Just mind boggling Nat – how INCREDIBLE. These are WONDERFUL. Never even imaged such wonders as these! Xj.


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      awe- thank you so much Joi – glad you like it :) Have a gorgeous weekend!


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Workshops at The Queen’s Ink in Savage, Maryland Oct 21-22

This year I have taken a big break from teaching due to the book, and I do have to say I really missed teaching. I had a fantastic time at The InkPad with a 2Day workshop on the weekend – here is a little peek of what we did and the new fun things we used. I will post more pix in a couple days. It was wonderful to spent time with super creative and fun students, see my new products in action and be equally inspired by my students and how they put their own spin on things!


Now I am getting ready for my classes at The Queen’s Ink in Savage, Maryland in two weeks. I am bringing three super fun workshops with me, which I have taught before and were a big hit – I cannot wait to spice them up with some super duper cool ArtFoamies and …did you spy them? – new stencils. There are still a couple seats left – so join me if you are in the area!


Friday October 21, 2016 – 11am-3pm

Walk With Me – Altered Book Class


Registration Open Now

Friday October 21, 2016 – 5pm-9pm

Play – Transform – Mixed Media Collage Class


Registration Open Now

Saturday October 22, 2016 – 10am – 6pm

Artvergnugen – Art Journaling Class


Registration Open Now

Have a gorgeous day!

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Be Brave Art Journal Page and Stampendous Giveaway


Today is the last day of the Nathalie Kalbach & Friends Stampendous Summer Hop – so much fun :)

What better way to celebrate summer than with some summer colors, I thought and created this Art Journal spread with all kinds of bold summer colors and different sets of the stamps I designed for Stampendous.


I layered some acrylic paint onto my art journal pages and set it aside for later. A list of all supplies can be found at the end of this post.


For the Bird, Elephant and Urban Scribble image I wanted to create my own patterned paper and I love to use deli paper for this because it is cheap and thin enough that you can use it to wrap up small presents, and can be used easily as collage material in your mixed media art work. I used the same colors over and over again, first adding big patches of colors to the deli paper, then stamping with acrylic paint and all kinds different Rubber and Foam Stamps. Later I layered some of the stencils which are included in my stamp sets on top to tie some areas together. Last but not least I used the Urban Scribble rubber Stamp and black archival ink and stamped randomly here and there.


I traced the Foam Stamps onto the back of my new patterned paper and cut out an elephant, bird and the urban skyline. I glued all the cutouts down onto my earlier painted art journal spread using Matte Medium and a cosmetic sponge. Then I added a couple more marks and colors to the page and outlined the shapes in a sketchy manner. Added some Journaling- and voila :) It was a lot of fun to just play with all the different stamps. I cannot wait to make more patterned paper to use this way for wrapping paper – a good way to use up some of your left over paints and stamp off your inked stamps. Here are the details of the elements on the finished page




I hope you enjoyed this fun and colorful post :)


Do not forget that you can win all three of my Stamp Sets by commenting today on the blogs with projects of my stamp sets in this list from the whole week. Check out all those amazing projects my friends posted – I am blown away:

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my blog- you are here :)


Have a wondeful day and good luck!!! Stampendous and I will post about the winner on our blogs next week!

Here are all supplies including the stamps I used (some are affiliate links).


Comments (35)

  • Linsey


    Oh goodness! Your art journal pages are SO gorgeous and completely inspiring!!! Thank you so much for sharing your awesome creativity and talent and for coming together to bring your fans this super cool mixed media hop!! I’m thoroughly enjoying seeing your marvelous designs come to life!!!


  • D.Ann C


    Oh, I have a serious crush on your user of neon colors!!! I have also developed a serious crush on your stamp/stencil sets this week. Can’t wait till my budget let’s me indulge in getting some!!! -FL


  • Leadonna Fritts


    I absolutely love your style of creating, Nat. Like me, you love color and it shows beautifully in your work. Your art journal pages just speak to my heart. Thank you for sharing!


  • Janet Staples


    I LOVE this! So bright while being subtle and bold! Brilliant. I’m glad I ran across this…can’t wait to see the other artists’ interpretations! Thank you so much for all of your inspiration Nat!


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