Beeing Strangers

“How do you get back to being strangers with someone who has seen your soul I ask?”

I was just playing around in my art journal with my new Midtown ArtFoamies Set and some acrylic paint and spray paint. This was fun.

The background was pretty built up with paint that I had scrapped off into my journal during various painting sessions and at first it bothered me a bit that I got all those uneven and flaky areas- but now I like it :) All a matter of adjusting your mind ;)

Here are the supplies I used for this spread

Wishing you an amazing day!!!

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Tour of the American Ancients Part #1

Last month my husband and I set out for our vacation – a road trip through mostly the South West of the U.S. We drove about 2,300 Miles and had an amazing time hitting many spots we went to before and a lot of new ones. We called it the Tour of the American Ancients because we visited many historical sites. It was awesome and so inspiring and I would love to share with you some highlights, spread out over the next couple weeks in three parts :) Join me on this Artful Adventure – Here is Part #1

This little guy was crossing the street in Nevada. The Desert Tortoise of the Mojave Desert is endangered and we have not seen one the two times before we were here- but this time we were lucky. We saw two Jack Rabbits right before, so maybe they were on a race. Needless to say we named the tortoise “Cecil” ;)

We visited Bryce Canyon, Utah yet again only for a short stint – we promised ourselves next time to really spent some time here and hike- it is so beautiful.

Those hoodoos had the most interesting gradated coloration – love it.

We drove on Highway 12 which is located near the north end of the Grand Staircase – Escalante in southern Utah. The views are breathtaking (and so is the driving- LOL).  Highway 12 is the 2nd on the list of “Most Beautiful Highways in the World“. Apparently the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument is planned to be stripped of it’s Monument status and protection.

We had a great time at Capital Reefs National Park , Utah last time and planned a day of hiking there.  We stayed for two nights. We started the early morning off with a Ranger talk about Geology and it was super interesting and made us unterstand the area and different layers better.

While hiking I make sure to take a lot of photos so that I can take a breath ….eh I mean..for inspiration of course ;) Gnarled bent tree trunks- the texture and movement- so beautiful.

We hiked up to a natural bridge and then through a Canyon.

Look at the rock texture and doesn’t the hole look like a heart?

This formation looks like a nice layered chocolate cake …or maybe I just started to hallucinate as it was SOOOoooooo hot ;)

I just couldn’t get over the different layers and texture and the colors. I am not very well known for using a lot of earth tones in my work -but this trip definitely made me want to try it out.

We drove on and stoped at Natural Bridges National Monument in Utah. We had a lunch picnic under this natural bridge – one of our – so it felt – 200 hundred sandwiches on the trip ;) There is something so serene and wonderful to eat outside in nature and just be silent (well…besides the crunch of the salad) while taking it all in.

Our next stop was Hovenweep National Monument in Colorado and Utah- which was a new one for us. In the area are six prehistoric villages built by ancestral Puebloans between A.D. 1200 and 1300 and it was stunning to see those buildings at their locations. This tower building above reminded me a lot of some of the old castles of the time you see in Europe and I find it fascinating that at the same time on different continents the same structures were erected.

What a part of the history of this country – and ….this park was almost empty – nada nothing …and a lot of people did not seem to know about it.

It is a magic place  and I am so happy we went. I wish we could have stayed over night – it is supposed to be pitch black and the perfect place for star gazing. I took lot’s of notes, and sketched- just as I describe in my book Artful Adventures in Mixed Media and I cannot wait to see what parts of this trip might make its way into my artwork. More from our trip to come – hope you enjoyed this little adventure.

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  • Jan Hill


    Wow great photos! We loved the Fairyland feel of Bryce Canyon too x


  • Sue Clarke


    I just love that gnarled wood and yes, it’s a heart!
    Stopping to take pics (and breathe)…funny.


  • Deb


    AMAZING and inspirational photos! Thanks so much for sharing. Just like you I don’t usually use a wealth of earth tones in my artwork, but these photos have me planning to in the near future. Thanks.


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Juggling but not quitting!

Aren’t we all juggling a lot and try to not drop the balls? This is what my art journal spread is about.

I used my new Broadway Positive and Negative ArtFoamies with this one and I so so love the pattern.

I had also fun playing with orange, pink, blue and purple – a combination that just made me happy :)

Here are the supplies I used:

Wishing you a wonderful day!

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Colors Are My Friends – Marsha Valk


Hello from the latest edition of the Creative Squad! Today we have a post from veteran member Marsha Valk, who makes excellent use of my new Broadway Positive Negative foam stamp to dress up an apron. We hope you’ll join us in creating with this month’s theme: Colors Are My Friends – Let’s kick off the new Creative Squad with a celebration of color! What are your favorite, go-to signature hues? Let’s go bold and bright this month and  use color to ring in a new season of inspiring projects!

Colours really are my friends. I love them all dearly, and I could never, ever pick just one favourite! But as much as I love the entire rainbow, it doesn’t mean all my friends have to come out to play every single time. It’s OK to pick just one for a heart to heart now and then.

I invited a couple of my fabric paint colours for a playdate. I couldn’t find a light, neutral coloured apron to print on, so I got a black one instead. During a short test run on paper, Yellow saw that the black background would shine through and cancelled on me.

I mixed Teal with a bit of White fabric paint and applied it to a StampBuddy. It acts as a stamp pad: gently dab the foam stamp into the foam of the StampBuddy to get an even distribution of paint on the stamp.

Then I started stamping a pattern with Nat’s Broadway foam stamp onto my pre-washed black 100% cotton apron. I liked what I saw!

Pink was waiting to have a go too, but once we saw the denim-like look of the Teal/White prints, we agreed not to interfere.

I covered the pocket with deli paper to prevent the paint from seeping through while I stamped around it. The plan was to make it look like the pattern continued behind the pocket. It didn’t prevent me from making the stamped design go a bit askew here.

I decided to leave it as it was and once the whole apron was stamped, I filled some of the open spaces with another pattern with the Running stamp from Nat’s Embroidery Cling Rubber Stamp Set.

Most fabric paints have to be fixated to make it (machine) washable. The paint I used had to dry for 30 minutes before I could fixate it by ironing the fabric with an iron on medium heat.

OMG Marsha this is the coolest apron EVER! I want one :) In addition to a StampBuddy, Marsha used the following supplies (some are affiliate links):

Play along with us too: I love to see how you interpret our monthly themes. Email me how you used my stencils and stamps with the theme and email me an image – I would love to share your projects in my next  “n*Spiration From Around the Globe“.

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New Downloadable PDF Art Lesson: Creating Texture

I’m excited to announce that my downloadable PDF Art Lesson 9: Creating Texture Plates Inspired by Nature is now available in the NorthLightShop! For $3.99 it’s a great deal – you get a full step out AND a 10min video :)

As you know, I love playing with texture in my artwork, especially the textures that can be found in nature. In this Art Lesson, you will learn a way to create some super gorgeous textures with a few new materials and techniques, and I will share with you how I use inspiration from nature to guide me. I begin with an inspiration photo of geysers I took at Yosemite National Park, and by using a variety of mediums and mixed media techniques, I create a deeply textured plate that begs to be touched.

You can check out on ClothPaperScissors how this lesson and tips from my book Artful Adventures in Mixed Media inspired Jeannine Stein to create some beautiful nature inspired tags.

The Lesson is available here.

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Darling, Shine! That’s All!

Loved playing with my new Midtown ArtFoamies Set. Using both sides – the solid and the pattern side – and different acrylic paint colors I layered up a city scape.

I painted the lady first with acrylic paint and then went over with oil pastels- I just love the look of those two paint mediums together.

I love this set so much – I cannot stop using it  -LOL- someone stop me ;)

Here are the supplies I used for this spread:

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Photos of my Workshops in Florida

Last weekend I taught two Art Journaling Classes at Everything Scrapbook & Stamps and it was fun to be back there. We had such a good time.

The Saturday class was “What’s cooking?” and we explored all the things that make artwork work and discussed how to solve art problems in your art journal.

I loved the progress and results of the pages -it was such a feast for the eyes

Beautiful patterns

And look at these finished pages- oh yummie

You gotta love the elephant with the tutu – it’s adorable!

And seeing my new Art Foamies used in such a clever way- oh yum!

I want to live in this RubberMoon city!

And this is the coolest- a combination of both – so cool!

I am always giddy when I see a display with my stamps and stencils and Michelle brought all those yummy things into the store for the workshops!

And seeing all the students that had gotten my book made my day …actually this makes several days- soooo love this pic :) Thank you girls!!!

Sunday I taught my Art Rules Art Journaling Class

Mono Printing

playing with pattern

stencils and stamps

fun techniques

inspired by Master- Artists

they all had a great time !

It was so good to be back to be back at Everything Scrapbook & Stamps– thank you to all the students who came and to Michelle for having me yet again and taking good care of me. After the hurricane it was especially delightful to see all of you being well and able to spend some creative time and this wonderful store. Hope to see you soon again.

Hope to see you in one of my classes in the future. Check out my in-person-class schedule. I will be in the U.K. to teach at a retreat with my friend Birgit Koopsen in Coventry in two weeks and then teach at the end of October at The Queen’s Ink in Maryland to teach an Art Journaling and a Mono Print Painting Class – there are still a couple seats left, so come and join us!

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  • Sue Clarke


    Rubbermoon city and that teal face are incredible!
    Looks like a wonderful class and I love all the creations that you inspired with your teaching Nat.


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