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Hood Inspired – Central Ave Foam Stamps

My neighborhood is a constant source of inspiration for me (have you seen my Stroll Through the Hood posts?) and that was just the case when I designed the Central Ave foam stamps. I was out and about looking at all kinds of drainage grates, manhole covers, and iron fences. I was getting inspo from all the municipal patterns out there that often we just overlook. Lots of them, especially the old intricate ones, are very ornamental and beautiful. Central Ave isn’t beautiful per say, but I love the intricate geometry of it and its urban and gritty vibe.

Central Ave is a two piece foam stamp set – a positive and negative of the same design. If you’re really fussy, you can line them up and play off that. I personally love using them together in an art journal page – doubling up on the design in my compositions – but not necessarily lining them up.

In the above art journal spread I stamped them onto the patterned inside of a junk mail envelope, as well as stamping them directly in the background. The junk mail pieces were nice to cut up into different sizes, repeating the circle shape but adding variety to the composition too.

Patterns are another way to go with the Central Ave foam stamp set. You can watch me make this pattern HERE for the April ArtFoamies Challenge back in 2021. This would be an excellent background for an art journal page or maybe an idea for a fabric project…

Even as a delicate addition to a page, the Central Ave pattern works nicely. It was just the fine linear detail that I needed to finish off this art journal page.

My Creative Squad is no stranger to the magic of Central Ave either. Here Robin finishes off a sweet nocturnal cityscape with the stamp in a deep shimmery blue. It reminds me of how lights flare and radiate through the darkness.

And Creative Squad alum Josefine keeps it clean and simple in this art journal page, highlighting the Central Ave foam stamps. I love the complimentary colors in this page and how the center of the flower also uses the center of the stamp.

Here are some of the supplies used in these projects:

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Mad Magic – Art Journal

On a lightly painted background using acrylic inks, I added a sheet of grafix on which I had mono printed using the Central Ave foam stamp and some lids. I had this in my collage drawer for a while and I thought it would be perfect layered onto the background here.

I added some shadowing with my fav water soluble graphite pencils around the sheet and then also a little scribble with a signo ball pen.

I stamped again with acrylic paint and the Central Ave foam stamp to tie everything together with the background. The letters are from some old letter sticker sheets – I have always had a soft spot for those grungy letters.

Here are some of the supplies I used:

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You Matter – Art Journal

“Do not ever let anyone make you feel like you don’t matter.” – Michelle Obama

First I used a credit card to disperse some left over pink acrylic paint for the start of my background. I also stamped with my Central Ave Foam stamp and sprayed grey spray paint over my Circuit stencil.

I stamped my Row Houses foam stamp with black acrylic paint and also added some collage pieces and an old calendar of mine with paintings that I had cut up.

I sketched my figure on deli paper and added my journaling with a fude pen.

In addition to my collage elements, here are some of the supplies I used.

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Foam Stamplifier Challenge Prompts 22-24

Day 22 – Plastic

Printing on top of plastic sheets or overhead foils is a fun way to create transparent elements for your work or nice dividers for your art journal but my favorite of all must be using Shrink Plastic. From wine charms, to embellishments to earrings. Using the foam stamps with inkpads of your choice, stamp your desired images.

Then heat the shrink film up as the manufacturer recommends and you will get a tiny version of your stamped image. Too cute! Here is a sample where I used the shrink film to create myself some new fancy earrings.

Day 23 – Scratch!

Another fun way to use Foam Stamps is to stamp onto some Ampersand Clayboard to create some great textured designs.


Stamp on top of the clay board with acrylic paint or spray ink or inks and then start scratching into the design. It is like doodling by scratching- better then coloring books- trust me!

Day 24 – Bits & Pieces

How about using bits and pieces of foam stamped paper to create something new?

You could create a tangram which is a puzzle which consists of 7 flat geographic shapes which put together can create a new shape.


Simply google tangram, print out the template, glue it on some white or black paper, start stamping with your foam stamps and cut it.

And then go and play …

Here are the different foam stamps I used for these prompts

In case you missed the prompt list  here you go:

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