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Whose Front Yard? – Canvas

Written by Nathalie Kalbach. Posted in Altered Art, Liquitex Ink, Liquitex Professional Paint Markers



A new canvas finished – I had a great time painting. It took me quite a while to finish it deciding when to finish :) That is always the hardest part, don’t you think?


I used Liquitex Soft Body and Heavy Body Acrylic Paints as well as Markers, Inks and Spray Paints. I made a lot of marks with the Liquitex Freestyle Palette knife – I love using it to create texture and marks into the wet but also into the dried paint.


I am thinking about having this one scanned to for some prints, what do you think? (I will add the prints soon to my shop)


Wishing you an amazing start into the week!



Witnessed – Canvas

Written by Nathalie Kalbach. Posted in Acrylicpaints, Altered Art


A new canvas is done- I call it “Witnessed” . It shows the Stanley Theatre on the right – a very beautiful theater here in Jersey City- right across another beautiful one- the Loew’s Theatre.


As the story goes the theatre was terribly neglected and falling apart, until it was purchased by Jehovah’s Witnesses. Loads of volunteers worked on brining it back to old time glory- and I heard it looks beautiful inside.


I find it fascinating how a building can be saved and used for something else as it was intended when it was built. It reminds me on the many discussions if it is ok to use a church that falls apart and turn it into an apartment building.  I am glad this building is still here and I stopped when I walked by and enjoyed and witnessed it’s outside beauty.



Do you have a building in your neighbor hood that was turned into something surprisingly?

I used Acrylic Paints, Inks, Markers and Spray Paints, as well as some water-soluble wax bars – and some collage items. Here is a list


Have a wonderful day!











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