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Broken – Painting

This painting named Broken, which is part of my book Artful Adventures in Mixed Media was inspired by one of my favorite books called “A Little Life” by Hanya Yanagihara . The book is about friendship and trauma and at parts are really hard read to go through as it is emotionally very upsetting, but at the same time it is beautiful. It is one of the books that grabbed me so much that I had to go and paint after reading it.

Broken is 9×12 on Canvas using acrylic paint, media and charcoal.

I am looking forward to be inspired like this again by another book. Have you read something lately that really really made you think about the story more than usual?

Have a wonderful day

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  • Sue Clarke


    Yes, Someone Knows My Name was incredible.


  • stephanie


    Beautiful painting


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Stroll Through the Hood – August 2017

Time for a Stroll Through the Hood . Strolls through my hood get me out of my studio, they help me unstuck and often I get inspired by what I see and to get new ideas to create something. It is part of my philosophy about Artful Adventures in Mixed Media – which is the subject of my book. Here are some photos that I gathered in the last couple weeks.

I know I have posted photos of this view from Liberty State Park several times- but for me it just doesn’t get old!

Here is a newly painted tower at the edge of the park by Mr Mustart.

Kind of in the hood – a little stroll on the Highline early in the morning – what a great time to be there – and seing a little glimpse of a mural by PixelPancho.

And on the walk to the subway a mural by Osgemeos – I love the pants- they are made off all kinds of different flags.

In the East Village this awesome door – love the patterns, the hair, the writing :)


Close by the former Adath Jeshurun of Jassy Synagogue, which I believe now has artist studios in it – I hope it is not just abandoned. What a great building.

In the Bowery a Shepard Fairey – I love how the wall is decaying and the purple paint underneath is crackling through again.

And in Jersey City this mural by Nychos

On a construction wall around the corner a paste up by Dylon Egon

And of course…as I am such a dork for elephants …and btw- this has been a block from my place for a long time – how did I miss it so far – by Mr. Prvrt

And last but not least my new fire red bike with which I am strolling through the hood a lot this summer. As you can see I found a piece of drift wood on the water side on that tour, so of course that had to come with me ;)

Hope you enjoyed this stroll and that you had a great time strolling around in your own hood for some inspiration as well.

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  • Sue Clarke


    As always it was nice to see what you discovered on your stroll.
    I love older buildings and especially like the photo Adath Jeshurun of Jassy Synagogue.
    BTW, I started to read your book while on vacation and took lots of pics looking at sculptures on an outdoor tour and went back to the cottage and did a mixed media page based on the inspiration that I got from one of them.
    I don’t think that the art based on a specific inspiration “clicked” for me before reading your book.
    So thanks!


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Wonder Full Stuff featuring Artful Adventures

My wonderful and talented friend Mystele Kirkeeng did an amazing 3part series of videos showing a piece of art she created inspired by my new book Artful Adventures in Mixed Media. Here is the first part:

Check out her Part II and Part III video to see how the gorgeous art journal spread comes together and subscribe to her youtube channel– she is amazing!

Thank you Mystele, for your review and super inspiring videos. I am blessed to have my artist friends <3

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  • Jackie P Neal


    I am a huge fan of Mystele ,her art and her teaching! Thanks for including her in your book Nat! xo


  • leslie


    Dear Mystele:
    I like the way you show the process step by step in a thinking process. You have patience and your imagery shows that the artistic process is part in fact a large part of the process. Thank you for sharing, Leslie


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Artful Adventures Stroll – Transportation

Subway – Billy Collins 1941

As you fly swiftly underground

with a song in your ears

or lost in the maze of a book,

remember the ones who descended here

into the mire of bedrock

to bore a hole through this granite,

to clear a passage for you

where there was only darkness and stone.

Remember as you come up into the light.

I created this art journal page based on two inspiration photos I took for the “Stroll Through The Hood Challenge” . You can see a free video  on how I created the page and my thought process while doing it in the classroom accompanying the challenge if you haven’t yet. You can sign up here

I love the poem and I liked incorporating it into my art journal. All in all I am so grateful we have such an amazing public transportation system here- unless it is early in the morning and the train is full to the brim. Good think I work mostly from home ;)

Hope your days is awesome filled with easy transportation – no traffic jams- no packed trains :)

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  • Sue Clarke


    Speaking of transportation…I just received an email from amazon that your book should arrive to be on May 31st!
    Earlier than I expected it…woot woot.
    Hope you have a glorious day Nat.


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Mario Robinson speaks the “Truth”

Some of you might remember my friend Mario A. Robinson who was part of Creative JumpStart in 2016.

This 10 min video of him by Jesse Brass is just beautiful:

Truth from Jesse Brass on Vimeo.

“The real power of art, is the ability to galvanize and organize all those pigments and materials, and pour a soul into it.” Mario A. Robinson

What a wonderful human being and super talented person he is!

If you are into Watercolor – check out his great book “Realistic Watercolor”:

Hope this inspired you – have a gorgeous day!

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  • JoAnn


    Wow!!! Beautiful – I love his work.


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Stroll Through the Hood – April 2017

Time for a Stroll Through the Hood . Strolls through my hood get me out of my studio, they help me unstuck and often I get inspired by what I see and to get new ideas to create something.

Still loving this mural by Pixel Pancho.

I never realized this old sign – probably some historic building marker. Love the patina and the form of it.

On the side of our supermarket-  I rarely walk down this way- so I am not sure if I missed it so far or if it is new.

Tape art by Norman Kirby – love it!

Never showed it finished- the Shepard Fairey Mural at Grove in Jersey City. It feels as if it has a different meaning nowadays.

I love spring and the opportunity to get out of the house more and explore and stroll the hood :) Cannot wait to venture further in the coming weeks .

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  • Lil


    OMG!!! That sign!! The rust, the peeling paint. Mouthwatering!


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      :) I love it too – it is really cool – glad you liked it. have a wonderful week, nat


  • Sue Clarke


    Love strolls through your neighborhood Nat!
    Happy Easter and Happy Spring…


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      Happy Easter and Spring to you you too Sue!!! hugs, Nat


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Inspired by… Valparaiso, Chile – Exploring Street Art & Colors


Valparaiso was definitely my favorite while in Chile. Big seaport city, a declared UNESCO World Heritage Site, colorful and fun to explore. Did you hear: Colorful?!


An amazing amount of street art and painted houses along the winded streets of the hills.


The cables are kind of as crazy as in the U.S.  lol – – but I was smitten by the colorful stairs.


There was just so much to see and take in


Valparaiso was once called “Little San Francisco” and streets like these made me understand why :) As you stop every 2 seconds too look at something colorful and amazing you make your way way up there – good workout to walk off some of the delicious empanadas we had for lunch.


How fun is this lady?


and I so so so loved the colors and imagery and patterns here


And some fun mark making patterns




More beautiful flowers set next to a beautiful blue house – BAM like color explosion


I loved that the hydrants were yellow and not red.


Look at this row of houses all in different colors


and a door bell plate


and the mixture of corrogated metal, wooden door and graphity – I love the texture, the colors and the feel


Some interesting houses – loads of balconies




Inspiration EVERYWHERE


and it was so green too


but I did feel for the gas cartridge delivery guy – ouch!


And so slowly we made our way down – had some seafood close to the harbor and went back to Santiago.


This day in Valparaiso made me super happy – I am smiling writing the post and looking at those photos again. Hope you enjoyed the photos as much :)

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