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Integrity – Art Journal Spread

This was another spread that I had started in a class to show some techniques and when I came home I finished it up

I used Derwent Art Bars on top of my Grove Street Pos and Negative Foam Stamps 

Simply wet the foam stamps a bit, rub any water soluble wet wax bars/sticks on top of the stamp and then mist the stamp again and stamp. I love the effect.

The lady was sketched with ink and then used some Neo pastels to add some color to her hair and clothing. Love how this came together from a kind of raw weird class sample page :)

Here are some of the supplies I used for this spread.

Have a wonderful day!!!

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She wished she could go back ….

“She wished she could go back to her younger self and tell her “It’s ok, to be weird, you’ll be fine” ”

This was a demo page from a class and I blocked in some color here and there and stamped with my new Exchange Place ArtFoamies Stamp. I added some stenciling with translucent acrylic paints using my Versailles Stencils – love how this turned out. I added some stamping with my Embroidery stamps to add some more even mark making using different colors of Archival Ink Pads- love those.

I painted the lady with acrylic paints neopastels and used some of the neopastels also here and there on the spread and scratched some writing into it.

I like how the lines of the Exchange Place Stamp and the floral Versailles Stencil work together.

Here are the supplies I used:

Hope you enjoy this page- have a wonderful day!

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Echo Chamber

In this journal spread I wrote “Like in an echo chamber a saddening, frightening and yet empowering #metoo echoed through the universe.”

I drew the left women with ink using a bamboo sketching pen and colored her in with watercolor- the right one is a painted on deli paper which I collaged into the art journal.

I stamped with some of my ArtFoamies stamps and acrylic paint and added some mars with Neopastels and a Charcoal pen.

Here are some of the supplies I used for this spread

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  • Gunvor


    It’s a lovely spread and an important matter. Thanks for sharing.


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      thank you Gunvor! Yes- it is a very important matter-!


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Chase Your Stars Fool!

“Chase your stars fool, life is short” – I toned down this very bright red, orange and yellow acrylicpaint-ed background with some gesso and added some stenciling in yellow on top using my Batik Stencil.

I stamped with my new Circle Drive ArtFoamie Stamp and black acrylic paint and added some stars with black archival ink using my Star Tag Cling Rubber Stamp.

I adhered a magazine image and painted over it with acrylic paints and Neopastels. I love how soft those Neopastels are and how beautifully they can be blended.

Here is a supply list with most of the materials I used to create this page:

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How to Catch your Breath

“sometimes the only way to catch your breath is to loose it completely.”

Love the the color combination -this makes me happy. I played with my new Grove Street Pos. + Neg. ArtFoamies and love the texture they created.

I painted the figure with Neopastels  and I love how they look together with the background I painted with acrylic paint.

I am totally addicted to the neopastels and I am hoping that the big set will be somehow showing up in December ;) HINT HINT

Here are some of the supplies:

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  • Sherry Canino


    Beautiful and how true is the quote lol ❤️❤️❤️


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Beeing Strangers

“How do you get back to being strangers with someone who has seen your soul I ask?”

I was just playing around in my art journal with my new Midtown ArtFoamies Set and some acrylic paint and spray paint. This was fun.

The background was pretty built up with paint that I had scrapped off into my journal during various painting sessions and at first it bothered me a bit that I got all those uneven and flaky areas- but now I like it :) All a matter of adjusting your mind ;)

Here are the supplies I used for this spread

Wishing you an amazing day!!!

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