Witnessed – Canvas

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A new canvas is done- I call it “Witnessed” . It shows the Stanley Theatre on the right – a very beautiful theater here in Jersey City- right across another beautiful one- the Loew’s Theatre.


As the story goes the theatre was terribly neglected and falling apart, until it was purchased by Jehovah’s Witnesses. Loads of volunteers worked on brining it back to old time glory- and I heard it looks beautiful inside.


I find it fascinating how a building can be saved and used for something else as it was intended when it was built. It reminds me on the many discussions if it is ok to use a church that falls apart and turn it into an apartment building.  I am glad this building is still here and I stopped when I walked by and enjoyed and witnessed it’s outside beauty.



Do you have a building in your neighbor hood that was turned into something surprisingly?

I used Acrylic Paints, Inks, Markers and Spray Paints, as well as some water-soluble wax bars – and some collage items. Here is a list


Have a wonderful day!








On The Flip Side – Canvas

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My new canvas “On The Flip Side” – Jersey City in the background and “our” Lady Liberty . Why “our”? Well…it is in our yard and faces New York…go figure ;)

What a symbol this statue carries, how much hope and how many dreams are connected with it – amazing.


I can see her from my studio window and from the deck and it makes me always happy… What a view when I had my brand new green card in my pocket and we looked for an apartment…it was like a promise for good times to come. So far there are very good times… maybe Lady Liberty is my token of luck ;)


I played with a different background this time and I like the outcome a lot.


Have a wonderful and promising day !






designed by n*Studio features: Chris Lim

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One of the things that make me really giddy is when I spy someone using my new stamps by Stampendous or also my Stencils with StencilGirl Products :) So I thought once in a while I would feature the work of those wonderful talented people with a new Series called: designed by n*Studio features:…..

And today I feature: Chris Lim


I met Chris in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where she was taking on of my Mixed Media Classes. I was blown away by her talent and I have been following her ever since. I love her style and I am happy she is using my stamps. chris has no blog, so please give her some love here :)
The stage is hers:


Hi! My name is Chris Lim, a mother to three grown up boys and a grandmother to my 3 year old beautiful granddaughter.

Basically, I am a scrap booker/paper crafter who loves all things beautiful. My style, to many who have known me, is more of shabby chic. Being an avid crafter, I began to explore beyond paper crafting. I now enjoy creating with different mediums and elements. As such I have gone beyond my ‘shabby chic style’. The current ‘in thing’ for me now is painting doll faces with big eyes and long lashes. I hope my work will inspire other crafters.


I love Chris’ very femine and intricate style !


Love how she ties everything together and uses all kinds of different embellishments and materials on this canvas.


And here is a beautiful Scrapbooking Layout where Chris used my stamps and stencil template:


I love the hint of grunge in the background- wonderful! Thank you so much Chris for sharing your work using my stamps with me!!

Here are the n*Studio Stamps used:



have a fantastic day!







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