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I just want … – Art Journal Spread

I just want to drink coffee, create stuff and sleep – oh yes ;) I loved creating this spread.

I started off with a simple blue background painted with acrylic paint and then added some orange and stamped and stenciled with my Chicago Foam Stamps and Stencil. Then I painted the girl (yes stop your horses, I painted a face- LOL) …and added some of my brand new Caran D’Ache NeoPastel Oil Pastels- OMG – I am in love – the colors are so amazing and they are like buttttahhh!

I seriously had to tell myself to stop adding more and more. I added some marks and scribbles with a white China Marker – I love that General China Markers are made right here in Jersey City.

Here are some of the supplies I used:

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  • Karen Bearse


    The colors are really interesting and vibrant. Great job on the face and love the quote cause me too!


  • Sue Clarke


    Love the face and the colors you used!


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Nice People – Art Journal

“the world is filled with nice people, if you can’t find one be one!”

Played with paint and my palette knife- sometimes the most fulfilling way to create texture and lay down color. I love those colors together.

I stamped a border with my Blocks Cling Rubber stamp.
Here are the supplies I used:

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Bring Your Own Light or …In My Art Journal Today

“We must bring our own light to the darkness!” I love this – I forgot where I heard or saw it but it resonated with me.

I was playing with some new acrylic paints and added some marks by scratching into the wet paint and stamping with rubber stamps as well as found items on my studio desk.

I like the unbleached titanium white peaking through the blue and white a lot – I need to revisit :)

Here are the supplies I used to create this art journal page:

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That’s the Way I like it – Art Journal

“I have no idea what I’m doing and that’s kind of how I love it” – True for a lot of areas in my life ;)

I painted with my new Art Alchemy Acrylic Paint, which Finnabair has sent me to try. I like that they are a bit on the thicker side and the colors are beautiful. I used my Batik Mini foam stamps and love how much texture they created. For the circles I used a round sponge which I had laying around and then stamped inside of it in white with the back end of a brush.

Using a more grey-ish ink I added some texture using my Cardboard rubberstamp set.

I traced some of the patterns with a black pen.

What about you , are you a total planner and know exactly what you are doing or are you also a bit of a “let’s try it” person?

Here are some of the supplies I used for this spread;

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Chosen Friends -Art Journaling Spread

“Friends are the family we choose for ourselves” – I love this! I was just talking to a friend how amazing it is nowadays that distance is not the biggest obstacle in friendships anymore as there are so many ways to stay connected. I love when I get a text message out of nowhere from one of my friends in Germany with just a picture because something they saw made them think of me.

For this journal spread I used the acrylic paints I made in my workshop at Kremer Pigment- I am still so much in love with them especially the copper and the yellow. I used some blue paint with my Mini Toledo Foam Stamp – I love that stamp.

I stamped with the Embroidery Stamp Set  and a white pigment ink pad as well as with a darker archival ink pad -love how the textures pops off the page.

Hug a friend today – even if just virtually – will you? It will make their day – promised ;)

Here are some of the supplies I used for this spread

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  • Jackie P Neal


    Happy National Girlfriends Day Nat!!
    What a perfect post for this day!!
    Gorgeous color play -stunning brights!
    hugs,Jackie “)


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Living with Changes – Art Journal

I truly believe that living in the NYC metropolitan area is a commitment to live with changes! It is energizing and inspiring and sometimes also tiring. But that is what you signed up for – nothing for granted :)

I used this spread to play with the new acrylic paints I made in the Kremer Pigments Hands-On Acrylic class I wrote about yesterday. I really love how they turned out and how vibrant they are. I added some stamping with my Embroidery Stamps and marks with China Markers.

Here is a supply list –  – some links are affiliate links:

Wishing you a gorgeous day!

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Hands-On Acrylics at Kremer Pigments, NYC

A couple weeks ago I took a 1 day class on how to make acrylic paints at Kremer Pigments in NYC.

They usually only held classes so far on how to make watercolor and oil paints, and I found out about the acrylic making class a day before it took place and had to jump right on it.

The class was held in the basement – it has a little closed off area where they make their Kremer paints.

Below my workspace :)

Roger, who held the class, explained that this was the first time teaching it, as acrylic paint is one of the hardest paints to make.

It all starts with making a color paste out of pigments and water , sometimes also alcohol is needed to break the water tension.

Roger showed us how to mix the color paste and how the consistency of the paste should look like.

and here I am mixing orange

using a muler for another color to grind out the last lumps

look at this luscious ultramarine blue

the green pigment below was accidentally in the pile- it turned out this wasn’t suitable for acrylics – but it was for sure pretty (bummer)

Here are my color pastes

After making the colors pastes in the first half of the class it was time to make acrylic medium in the viscosity and sheen of our liking.

If you wonder about some German labels, Kremer Pigments is actually a German company :) The medium making part was harder for me than the color paste as there are so many different ways to make it.

The next step was to combine the color paste and the acrylic medium

and voila – I got acrylic paint. I mostly strived to make thick and soft bodied matte paint. Some of them turned out pretty cool – some of them I think were a bit weak in their consistency of the color paste and one of my mediums was really off and changed a bit later (guess I didn’t do it the right way- LOL)

But all in all I love my new acrylic paints and I definitely will do this again by just using pre-made mediums to get the colors and the consistency of my needs. It was a really awesome class, Roger was incredibly knowledgable and so patient – answering a hundred million questions from us (we were all there for different reasons – to make paints for different needs). If you are in NYC and you feel you would like to learn about making paints check out their class schedule. And …the store is worth a visit in any event for some color therapy :)

Comments (8)

  • Tracy Krueger


    Wow! That looks like SO much fun!


  • Jackie P Neal


    OMgosh! How fun and interesting Nat! you must have been in color heaven!!
    Wish we had cool places like this near us! “(
    Thanks for sharing- great post!


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      Jackie, I was in color heaven indeed …I never saw a place like that before either- it is really unique!


  • Jean Goza


    Wow, what a great class! It must have been so fun. Love the colors you “manufactured”. :-)


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      Yeah- it was fun — and thank you about the colors. Some of them turned out really great!


  • stephanie


    How fun!


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Back for Workshops at My Heart’s Fancy in Oklahoma

Wohooo- so stoked to be back again at My Heart’s Fancy in Oklahoma for three workshops

June 16, 20172:30 pm – 6:00 pmStroll Through the Hood – Mixed Media Wall Hanging

Let’s create a beautiful little wall hanging for your home, office, or beyond! We will begin by creating a colorful, patterned background. Then we’ll take it further by adding scenery using stamps, graphite, paints and other supplies. Finally we will add detail and highlights to pull the landscape together. We will be working on Ampersand Clayboard which offers a special and exciting surface to create your Mixed Media work on.

Register here

June 17, 201710:00 am – 5:00 pmThe Magic of Acrylics – Technique & Abstract Painting Class

Join me for a full-day class exploring all kinds of different Acrylic Media – from Dumbledore to Merlin, from Acrylic Paints to Acrylic Inks, from String Gel to Pouring Medium, from Modeling Past to Black Lava and other fun stuff!

Learn their magic – and put an end to the mystery of how to use these amazing helpers in your Mixed Media and/or Art Journaling projects. The first half of the class will be technique based and in the second half you will put your own spell onto 3 abstract canvas paintings. After this class you will have a lot of fun waving your new magic acrylic wand whenever you create!

Register here

June 18, 201710:00 am – 5:00 pmWhat’s Cooking – Art Journal Class

What makes an Art Journal spread, or for that matter a work of art, work?

Let’s explore in a playful and creative way the Principles and Elements of Art, using Mixed Media tools and supplies. Think of the principles as you might think of a recipe: a starting point to which we add the right ingredients – the elements – to make your art journal pages more interesting. Develop your individual recipes, which will result in your very own style. – LET’S GET COOKING!

Register here

I hope to see you there! And if you cannot come- check out where I am teaching in the next couple weeks

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Art Journal: The Wand Chooses The Wizard


“Honey, just remember: the wand chooses the wizard” – what a fun quote.


I painted the background in different purple tones and shades with acrylic paint and then used the Santiago 9×12 Stencil on top with some grey and also some purple.


I used acrylic markers on top of a magazine image and added some detail with a black pen and a pencil.


Love the worn painted look and the stencil gave it a lot of dimension.

Here are the supplies I used for this art journal spread- some are affiliate links:


Hope you are wearing a great wand this week :)

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