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Dear Santa …or what to give a Mixed Media Artist this Holiday


Do you have a Mixed Media Artist in your circle that you would like to give a gift to but you are stumped on what to give that person?  Or maybe someone is asking you for your Santa’s list and you want to point them in the right direction? Here is a list of my favorite things I would give to another Mixed Media Artist this holiday season because these supplies seriously rocked my pants the last couple months :)

Art Graf Varco water soluble graphite:

primary colors

earth tones

They are highly pigmented and the colors are just so beautiful and rich! The shape makes it easy to write with them too and then go over the writing with a water brush – check out the journaling on this art journaling page -I used the graphite black for the “Live, Laugh, Love”


and both sets for this tag


Liquitex Muted Colors

I am usually a bright color person but these color are really beautiful- I used the inks too.

Liquitex Muted Inks

I used these on the board below, which is not yet done, with my Fashion Dame Stamp


Speaking of board – the one above …

Ampersand Clay-Board

You can use thin acrylic paint or ink on those clay boards and then use a scratching tool and remove some of the paint layer. I love using it with my stamps. And of course Ampersand also has a tool kit for this board :)

Ampersand Scratch Board Tool Kit

…but you can also just use a craft knife for this too :)

ColorBox Erasable Fabric Inkpad

I love using it with my stamps on raw canvas or fabric.  You can embroider on top of the image and then easily wash it out later. I used it in this blog post here with my bird stamp


If your friend loves to take Online Workshops – Creative JumpStart 2017 with 27 different Mixed Media Artists starting January 2017 might be the right gift then :)

Announcing Creative JumpStart 2017 – CJS17

Also I am seeing a trend of a lot of Mixed Media Artists (including myself) using paper clay and this book is a great way to get inspired and to learn how to use all kinds of techniques and supplies with paper clay:

Artful Paper Clay

…and if your gift recipient likes to read some art related fiction books – I really enjoyed this book recently:

The Muralist, by B.A. Shapiro

It is fiction but has some real events in there and it captivated me.

And last but not least …why don’t you use this holiday coupon for 20% off  valid until Dec. 15th (11.59EST) and give your friend some fun stamps, stencils or mugs in my store :)


…or let them have some fun shopping and purchase a gift certificate.

Happy shopping and I hope you also find some time this holiday season to sneak away and get some creative time in too :)

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Make a Mark Tag


I made this tag for fun and will use it either as a gift tag or put it into my art journal. I stamped with the Art Foamies Batik Pattern 1 and Batik Pattern 3 Foam Stamp and Acrylic Paint and then tried my new Varco Art Grafs out – I have to show you those soon- Oh man the colors are so yum! They are graphite blocks and are awesome for drawing, painting and writing.


Loving the mixture of the acrylic paint and the graphite. I guess time to film a Creative Icebreaker with those soon :)

Here are the supplies I used – some links are affiliate links:


Hope you make your mark today :)

Comments (4)

  • Jean Goza


    The tag is awesome! Great color and texture. Would love to know more about how you use the Artgrafs.


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      Hi Jean, thank you so much! I make sure to use them very soon in a video and tell more. Still exploring them a bit more- I love them already :)


  • stephanie


    Very cool! Did you do a wash of paint(s) for the background?


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      Hi Stephanie, I stamped with the acrylic paints and the stamps directly onto the tag and then used the ArtGraf Varcos and did a wash – they are super pigmented and made the stamped areas really pop.


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N*Studio ArtFoamies Stamps Release


This is BIG NEWS!!!  I am so stoked that ArtFoamies and I teamed up together for a stamp release. I had so much fun working on these brand new foam stamps – all of them inspired by my travels around the world.  Here they are!

Batik Pattern 1


Batik Pattern 2


Batik Pattern 3


Batik Pattern 4


Buenos Aires Tiles


Chicago – comes with two stamps a positive and a negative pattern


Manhattan Boarder


Manhattan comes with two stamps a positive and a negative pattern


Santa Fe comes with two stamps a positive and a negative pattern


Toledo comes with two stamps a positive and a negative pattern


Versailles comes with two stamps a positive and a negative pattern


I cannot wait to show you loads of fun and creative projects with them! If you want to get your hands on these- you can PREORDER them in my store NOW – they will ship out at the latest the week of October 17th – but probably earlier though as I should get them next week!

Comments (6)

  • Bec Miller


    Wow!wow!wow! Congrats Nat!!
    I love foamies and all of these have to make it in my stash!!


  • Sue Clarke


    Batik Pattern 4, 1, and 2 are my favs.
    Congrats on the new line Nat!


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      thank you Sue – glad you like those – they are also a favorite for me!


  • Seth


    Congrats Nat. These are very cool. Kind of like taking a trip around the world!


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      thank you so much Seth :) Yes they have been inspired by many wonderful places around the world.


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Raw Canvas Staining Fun with Kim


A couple weeks ago my friend Kim and I met for a play date and did some fun stuff with Raw Canvas Staining and Painting.


We broke out my supplies including Flow Aid, which you need to be able to break the water tension of raw canvas and has also many amazing side effects that are cool to know so you can control things better, some inks, markers and stamps. Kim made this fun stocking first …it for sure will brighten up a very dark winter day.


I tested using the foam stamp of my Urban Scribble stamp with Flow Aid and Ink and then stamped on top with the Rubber stamp part or the set.


I loved the outcome and went on to do the same thing on an raw canvas apron.



I love that the colors are see through and how nicely defined it is. It is not the same as just stamping with paint onto your canvas- it is really just staining and it keeps the fabric soft and nice.


I also treated a little rectangle of raw canvas with some colors and used stamps and markers on top. I just love the look of color and the raw canvas texture – it makes it pop wonderfully. For myself I realized I like when there is a lot of raw canvas still showing.


After I frayed the edges I sewed the triangle with embroidery thread onto the top of the apron.


Meanwhile Kim continued playing and experimenting with the Batik Stencil, and markers




and played with the Bird stamp set on a little canvas string bag



Here is a stretched canvas which I did a while ago – I love how vibrant the colors stay and the depth and layering you can achieve.





And here is my sweet smiling friend Kim modeling my new apron.


It was loads of fun to play in the studio with a friend and really just for fun. I need to have a play date more often! If you are interested in Raw Canvas Staining check out my really extensive Raw Canvas Staining DVD or download the Video with heaps of techniques, tips and tricks – it is addicting .

Here are some links of what we used- some of them are affiliate links.


What fun thing did you do lately with a friend?

Comments (4)

  • Joi@RR


    WOW WOW WOW – love this apron! Why? Love NStudios and the CityScape is my fav!!! So you hit it over the home run fence – true eye candy!!! Not to mention the adorable smile on Kim’s face!!! Loved seeing all your raw canvas staining experiments. Such vivid colors and fun designs you both created. Thanks bunches for sharing your fun!! Xj.


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      Awe thank you Joi and agreed Kim is a sweet heart :)


  • Charlotte Kirk


    I loved that look using your stamps!


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Demos at The Ink Pad in NYC


Last month I had a fun afternoon demoing with my stamps at one of my favorite stores – The Ink Pad in New York.


I showed some easy and fun Gelli-Printing tricks with acrylic paints and foam stamps


having lot’s of fun with a round plate and using dye inks


playing with small round printing plates


having an Elephant in the room


doing some collage fun


and stenciling


and of course taking over the whole store and making a big mess :)

We did a FB Live Stream right from the store on my Facebook Page of some fun techniques – you can see the store, some wonderful people and the store in action if you want :) It was a lot of fun and thank you to all that came, the people who watched the video and joined and Anna and Jane from the InkPad!!!

Comments (4)

  • Julie B


    Looking forward to meeting you in Cali in a couple of months! Thank you for the video/tutorials.


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      Yeah- so looking forward meeting you in Cali too- it is going to be loads of fun!


  • Linda Faber


    Thanks, Natalie, for the great demos! Just what I needed, a refresher lesson on using my gelli plate. I will definitely have to visit that NY store!


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      Glad you liked it Linda- and yes yes – The Ink Pad is worth a visit in NY :)


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Put a Bird on It – Embroidering with Stamps


I have been doing some embroidery stitching samplers the past couple months and when I was talking to my friend Judi, she told me about the Erasable Fabric InkPad by ColorBox and I was hooked and I bought it right away so I could try it out with my Foam and Rubber stamps. I took a light canvas tote bag and my Bird Foam Stamp and stamped on top of the bag. And yes …I should have ironed the bag – but honestly- I just don’t like ironing ;)


Next I stretched the fabric over an embroidery hoop -see – already less wrinkles- hehehe.


I wanted to treat the bird image like a stitching sampler – so I used all kinds of different embroidery stitches and color. The grey thread is a done with a chain stitch, the yellow are two rows of split stitches, the magenta is a satin stitch , the light blue a seed stitch and the light green is a fly stitch.


The dark purple is a blanket stitch, the dark blue and lighter blue over the eye is a laced running stitch, the grey and purple in the wing is  star stitch. Around the eye a backstitch and the yellow thread and the eye are french knots.


I had so much fun – I am easily bored when I do things that are too repetitive and so this was a great way to keep me excited and interested and I could not stop.


I used the stamped image sometimes to stitch right on top and sometimes just as a placement guideline for the stitches. It was super helpful and so easy.


Here is a close up once I was finished



And then I just washed the ink with cold water right off and all traces are gone .


I cannot wait to do something similar with my Urban Scribble Foam Stamp and the Elephant Foam Stamp!


Here are all the supplies I used – some of the links are affiliate links.


Do you embroider? What have you embroidered and have you mixed it up with other art forms?

Comments (5)

  • Jean Goza


    Love the bird. Inspires me to drag out my embroidery goodies and work on a new project. You are so inspirational. Thanks for sharing…


  • Joi @RR


    Heheheh – LOVE THIS Nat! I used to have so much fun embroidering. You have inspired me to play with it again. I still have a bag with thread and hoops!!! Your bird looks SPECTACULAR!!! What a great idea! SUPER FINE! Xj.


  • Karen D


    I love this idea of embroidering over the stamped image. I have used erasable marking pens before, but did not know about the erasable stamp pad. I used to do quite a lot of embroidery and have incorporated it with a painted background on some fabric. But lately I am working on an artwork and have embroidered over some of my daughter’s handwriting. Embroidery adds another dimension to your artwork and it can be very relaxing.


  • judi kauffman


    I knew you’d have fun with that ink, Nathalie, and I’m so glad you embroidered the bird. Is the bag big enough for a whole flock???


  • Sue Clarke


    It’s been a number of years since I’ve embroidered but this looks great and I never would have thought of using stamps as a guide this way. Thanks for sharing Nat.


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Urban Scribble Card AND The Shop is Open!


Isn’t this Card by Janelle Stollfus using my new Urban Scribble Stamp Set –  just super cool! I love the gorgeous vibrant colors. Janelle used watercolors, and pencils and acrylic markers to create the background and color in the rubber stamp image included in the set! Thank you so much Janelle for sharing !

And – I have news – as so many people asked, where to get my stamps and other products – well hopefully your local craft and art store carries them…but if you do not have one close by or if they do not carry them…I just opened my own web store for you too and you can get my new stamp sets and some other items there :)


If you live in the United States, you can order directly and immediately from this site. If you order several items the shipping rate is calculated automatically per item. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to set it up differently in the store. But if I can ship your total order for a cheaper price than the automatically calculated price (which is most of the time the case with several items), I will refund you the difference.

If you require international shipping, please email me in advance of your order at orders@nathaliesstudio to discuss shipping options as international shipping can be variable and expensive. I can look into the best option as soon as I know what you would like to order and give you a quote.

I hope you visit my new n*Store and if you use any of my stamps or stencils- please share with me – I love to see what you create with them!

Have a beautiful day!!!!

Comments (2)

  • Sue Clarke


    Let’s hear it for your own store online!!! Woot.


  • Maura


    Love it!


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Winding Down the Year: My Top Ten Creative Results 2015

It has become a tradition of mine and other blogger friends to wind down the year with some  Top “insert number”- Lists of work , posts and photos, before the year ends. It makes me go back and look at what I have done and accomplished and it also makes me dwell in memories. Too often we forget about the things we did and accomplished throughout the year- often just bashing ourselves for not fulfilling all the wonderful new year’s resolutions from last year.  Maybe this makes you wanna do it too – if so – share :)

In no particular order here my personal faves of my art journal pages and paintings:

1. High Line – Mixed Media Painting

I fell in Love with the background a soon as I had it laid down, causing quite some struggle to let go and go ahead- but that is why I like it the more :) Not my usual color scheme, but one that I am glad I plaid with.

2. Good Bye – Art Journal Spread

I love the grungy yet romantic feeling of this page and I had a good time getting some journaling out in an obscured way.

3. Stay Out of The Drama – Art Journal Spread

I loved playing with different media and my Stampendous Stamps and Stencils and the drama of the red dress…the only drama which you might wanna get into ;)

4. Reality – Art Journaling Spread

Speaking of Red …This one is also one of my favorites, I did a lot of collaging in the background and I just love how this one came together.

5. The Real Weird Magical Person – Art Journaling Spread

I made my own building stencil and layered it and did positive and negative imagery with it – I love the bold black and the almost translucent magical person ;)

6. Girlfriends – Art Journal Spread

This is another page that I really like- I like the journaling in the middle of the spine – and the difference yet similarity of the pages. Also some white space…which I know, is unusual for me.

7. On My Way Home – Art Journal Spread

HA- I guess I really liked my building stencil…which btw is based on the Jersey City Powerhouse. I do love the background and how the building really is prominent in here.

8. Finally Be You – Art Journal Spread

It is kinda scary but kinda cool – and I love the texture and layers.

9. State of Mind – Art Journal Spread

hahaha- I know I am a weirdo, but this one just makes me laugh every time I see it. I guess…the title is fitting ;)

10. 2 Tallest – Mixed Media Painting

This is a bigger painting, so it doesn’t translate well as a photo on a blog. I like the colors and I achieved what I had in mind when I was going for only a small city skyline. I had a good time creating it.

What I learned:

I definitely took more of the things that I explored in my art journal onto a canvas. I also did more hidden or obscured journaling which I find a great exercise in the morning to start the day and also do something creative. I also learned that starting off with playing in the art journal before continuing painting on canvas, freed me up and made me ready to start. A good habit to keep.

My goal for 2016:

My goal for 2015 was working in general on way bigger surfaces- but that didn’t work out too well. I really want to make an effort to do that in 2016 …a bit hard in a small studio space, but I will figure it out. I also just want to paint more …when I looked at my work in 2015 I realized that I did pay less when I actually thought I had, not a big surprise given that I was traveling madly for workshops this year and an art journal is bit more handy to lug around ;) Cross fingers 2016 will be the year of bigger paintings

Hope you had fun joining me in winding down the year. If you did it too- share with me- I would love to see your best of list!

I hope I see you at Creative Jumpstart– starting tomorrow and wish you all a

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016!!!!!


Comments (3)

  • Sue


    Nathalie…do I see Stencil Girl in your future? As you designing stencils…buildings, in particular? I would love to have asset of these….very awesome work!


  • Jenny Petricek


    Beautiful, gorgeous pages–each and every one is so inspiring! I think it’s amazing to look at the pages of art journals, and to see the ways in which artists try new techniques, color palettes, and styles. Thanks for posting all of them!


  • Joi@RR



    Oh how I loved seeing all of these. Each one is special in a different way. My very favorite is the first one – the high line. You are so right – that background is spectacular. And the buildings – they just put me in a state of awe… I love everything about those buildings. But you know how much I love your buildings.. Your building stencil is sooo great – I so enjoy when you use it. And the large painting is stunning – WOW.

    So after we leave the buildings…. it gets harder but… I believe my next favorite – you won’t believe it…. is “state of mind”. It reminds me of me!!! I used to be so concerned about being “right” and “proper” when in reality – I never was… I am just so “weird”! BUT, I finally realized – that’s ok. It’s me and I can’t change it!! So – this journal creation really speaks to me. And… that’s one thing I love about you Nat – you are just YOU – and I like YOU too!!!

    And then….next fav – “stay out of the drama”. Sheer perfection there – the background – the gal – the sentiment – it’s just says it all in such a fabulous way.

    Each one of these is just wonderful in it’s own way… such a GREAT way to start my New Year – seeing your FANTASTIC creations. Thanks bunches. Wishing you a BLESSED, HAPPY, PROSPEROUS and BRIGHT 2016 with LUSCIOUS SURPRISES along the way!! Hugs. j.


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designed by n*Studio features: Stampendous Design Team

One of the things that make me really giddy is when I spy someone using my stamps by Stampendous or also my stencils with StencilGirl Products :) So I thought once in a while I would feature the work of those wonderful talented people with a series called: designed by n*Studio features:…..

And today I feature: The Stampendous Design Team – and since it is a bigger design team …here a  couple :)

Janelle Stollfus

Janelle is part of the Design Team since 2011 and I spied this wonderful notebook she created, using my Fiesta Stamp Set for the flower .

Love how she stamped the flower on painted canvas and then cut it out and layered it for a dimensional book mark – so clever and beautiful!

Check out her blog post including a tutorial on how to create the notebook on her blog here.

Lea Fritts

Lea is part of the Stampendous DT since 2012 and I found this fun Garden Canvas she created using my Fiesta, Kaffee Klatsch, Mish Mash, Wired and Grunge Stampset.

I love how Lea used all the different stamps and created this whimsical garden – I also love the texture and the happy colors. Here is what she used and how she did it.

Wendy Price

Wendy is part of the Design Team since 2009. I love her darling scrapbooking layout using my Kaffee Klatsch Stamp Set on an acrylic sheet.

I love how the stamps look really lacy on the sheet- beautiful. You can see what she used and how she did it, here.

Pam Hornschu

Pam is part of the Design Team since 2002 – WOW! Given my obsessions with houses and cityscapes – I was delighted to spy this piece by Pam using my Mark Maker Stampset.

I love how she used some of the stamps in the set to mimic roads and how she used some others with embossing powder for the background. You can read what she used and how she created these happy houses here.

I love how all four of them incorporated the stamps in their own styles and so differently. Thank you to the Stampendous Design Team for using them and  doing such wonderful work- you girls rock!

Here are the stamp sets that they used:



Comments (4)

  • Joi@RR


    What a great idea Nat – so fun to see how others have used your stamps and stencils. Love the first two – sooo great. But my fav is the house one because it really does remind me of you and your type of art. The way she used your stamps so uniquely is wonderful. Thanks bunches for sharing these really awesome pieces of art with us. Your products look WONDERFUL in all of these. X j


  • Wendy


    Thanks for the mention, Nat! I love using your stamp sets on layouts! They make the perfect background!


  • Lea Fritts


    Thank you, Nat, for sharing my art on your blog today! It’s such a thrill to see it here. By the way, I named my flower garden, “Nathalie’s Garden.” Don’t know if you saw that on my post or not but, I thought it was only fitting to name it after you! Thanks again, my friend!


  • Janelle Stollfus


    Oh thank you Nathalie for the mention. I so enjoyed creating that notebook with the Fiesta Stamp Set!


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